Combined Arms

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Combined Arms
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Free Imagination Group]][[Category:Free Imagination Group]]
[[Sony Online Entertainment]][[Category:Sony Online Entertainment]]
Combat MMOG
Keyboard and mouse
Microsoft Windows
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Combined Arms is a modification for Infantry Online developed by Free Imagination Group that utilizes the Infantry client to create an open ended combat game that pushes player defined objectives and a massive amount of weapons, vehicles, and items to create a consistently dynamic experience unique among MMO games.

History[edit | edit source]

In Fall 2006 after creating a few new toys for War Zone Alpha, ryanbe started playing with the idea of speeding up the projectiles and player vehicles. After creating a few basic items, he began using a map dz was working on, and soon STAS joined the project. After a very heavy month of development the game began to take shape and was put up on Free Infantry's server and began to garner a small devout playerbase.

By mid 2007 interest in Free Infantry began to dwindle as the official Sony Online Entertainment server became free to play. Development continued slowly from this point.

By early 2009 the game re-entered full development as it was converted and updated for the much newer Sony Online Entertainment client build. The game was put up for public beta testing July 14, 2009, and was taken down July 30, 2009 for a final period of development. The game is expected to be officially released in August 2009.

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