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Command & Conquer: Generals

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This page contains "Command and Conquer: Generals" secrets and unlockables.

Unlockables[edit | edit source]

Skirmish Awards[edit | edit source]

How to gain the following skirmish awards:

Campaign Honor

Defeat the respective team's campaign to receive the honor. In Zero Hour there are three different levels gold, silver, and bronze. To achieve the highest level, defeat the campaign on hard.

Challenge Honor

This honor is achieved when the player completes the generals challenge mode. There are three different levels gold, silver, and bronze, to achieve the highest level defeat the challenge on hard.

Officer's Club Honor

This honor is given to players who pre-ordered Command & Conquer Generals with Officer's club pack and three collectable boxes

Endurance Honor

Beat every skirmish map to earn this honor. The type of medal is determined by the lowest difficult setting used.

Streak Honor

Win at least 3 games in a row to achieve this honor. Losing, quitting, and surrendering will reset the streak

Blitz Honor

Win a game under 10 minutes to achieve this honor

Ultimate Honor

Beat all skirmish maps with the maximum number of players and the highest difficulty for each map to achieve this honor.

Domination Honor

This honor will be achieved for each 100, 500, 1000, or 10000 games won

Battle tank Honor

Build 50 or more tanks in a skirmish or online game.

Airwing Honor

Build 20 or more aircraft in a skirmish or online game.

Apocalypse Honor

Build a nuclear silo, particle cannon, and scud storm to achieve this honor.

Global General Honor

Win an online game with every general at least once.

Fair Play Honor This honor is given for those who have statistics with less than 10% disconnects and with least 10 games played.

Player Ranking[edit | edit source]

In Generals online, your rank is determined on a pointage system where you achieve 3 points for each win, 0 for each loss or surrender, and -1 for each disconnect.

(how to unlock)
0 Points Needed (Gained after 1 battle)
5 Points Needed
10 Points Needed
20 Points Needed
50 Points Needed
100 Points Needed
200 Points Needed
Brigadier General 
500 Points Needed
1000 Points Needed
Commander in Chief 
2000 Points Needed

Secrets[edit | edit source]

Super Blitz Badge

The regular blitz badge is for beating a skirmish under 10 minutes. however, you can get the same badge with a 5 on it instead of a 10 if you beat it in 5 minutes

Fair Play Multiplayer Honor

To get the multiplayer honor for Fair Play, you must have won, lost, surrendered, or exited using normal game channels at a 90% rate for at least 10 total games.

Mountain Paratroopers

You can airdrop American Rangers on mountains, hills, and other high areas. They will be able to travel in places that usually Rangers cannot go, similar to the Combat Cycle in Zero Hour. However, take note that once Rangers run down from the high areas, they will not be able to climb back up. This glitch is unavailable for Zero Hour.

Underwater Vehicles

In the GLA Campaign, first mission, there is a glitch you can utilise to get your vehicles underwater. The objective in this mission is to smash the dam and let the resulting wave of onrushing water wash away Chinese forces. The terrain here holds a river, and lying across this river is a bridge. At the other end of the river, is the dam. Before you destroy the dam, move your GLA vehicles(Scorpion Tanks, Technicals, etc.) unto the bridge. Make them hold position on the bridge. When ready, attack the dam with a second group of GLA forces and destroy it. Then watch the dam break and loose a gigantic wave down the river, destroying everything and anything in its path - except those on the bridge. When the cinematic ends, look at the bridge. It is now broken, and only a few of the supports are remaining. You will find that only those GLA vehicles which were positioned on top of the supports were destroyed. Most of the rest are underwater. In the few seconds you have before the mission ends, try moving them around underwater. They will respond correctly as if nothing had happened.

Invisible Bridge

In the Chinese mission which starts off with a suspension bridge getting blown up and drowning many Chinese forces, take any unit after the opening cinematic ends and move them into the space where the bridge once was. You will find that the bridge is still standing, only inivisble. You can even go to the other side, but you will appear to be flying above the water.