Complete History of the Creator Ruins (NWN)

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Complete History of the Creator Ruins
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Neverwinter Nights

The letters in this book swim before your eyes, finally shaping themselves into text you are capable of understanding. The book speaks of many things and appears to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that a creator race lived in these ruins. A certain passage catches your eye...

"In 501 SD, a few thousand members of the enslaved race revolted. The uprising took several years to quell, the most successful uprising the slaves had experienced to date. Though far from posing a military threat, the slaves complicated the recapture process by hiding in caves along the Sentienge Range where they lived like savages.

"Further complications came in the form of the draconic presence in the Sentienge, as they refused to bow to our will. The dragons were defeated in the Second Great War of Hiromire, however, and our hunters were finally able to recover the missing slaves.

"As is customary, the elderly were eliminated, the young males crippled and sent to work in the iron mines, and the virile females were returned to the pens for the purposes of breeding."