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Basic Information
Basic Information
Computer and video games

Connect2Media is an independent video games developer and publisher headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom. The company specialises in the development, publishing and distribution of games for mobile and iPhone.

History[edit | edit source]

1997 - Original company founded in Cambridge UK as nGame, developer of mobile and digital TV games.

2002 - nGame is acquired by US mobile publisher Mforma Inc

2005 - Mforma Europe grows to become a top 5 mobile game publisher in Europe. Also in 2005 the European management team takes over operations in Asia and Latin America. Mforma branding is changed to Hands-On Mobile

2008 - Hands-On Mobile is acquired by the European management team and renamed as Connect2Media[1]

2008 - As part of its expansion, Connect2Media buys mobile content distributor RayFusion[2]

2009- Connect2Media announce the signing of gaming franchise Lumines. The company will be bringing new versions of Lumines to mobile platforms in 2010.[3]

2010- In March 2010, Connect2 announced a tie-up with international dance label Defected, who will provide music and video for the Lumines mobile title.[4]

2010 - Connect 2 Media acquire the Prize Play gaming assets of Sennari

Award Winning Games[edit | edit source]

Edge - Pocket Gamer Gold; 2 IMGAs;[5] Milthon of the Best Mobile Game
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 - Pocket Gamer Gold; MobileGameFAQS Gold
Go! Go! Rescue Squad! - Pocket Gamer Gold; MobileGameFAQS Silver
Guitar Hero III BackStage Pass - MobileGameFAQS Gold, Pocket Gamer Bronze; AirGamer
Civilization IV War of Two Cities - MobileGameFAQS Gold, Pocket Gamer Silver

Most Popular Mobile Games[edit | edit source]

365 Puzzle Club
BMW Racing
Contra 4
Go!Go! Rescue Squad!
Guitar Hero III BackStage Pass
Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile
Metal Gear Classic
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
Sid Meier's Civilization IV War of Two Cities
Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon

Most Popular iPhone Games[edit | edit source]

Go! Go! Rescue Squad!
String 'Em In

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