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PC boxart
Basic Information
Video Game
[[System 3]][[Category:System 3]]
Real-time strategy/Construction and management simulation
Gamepad, Keyboard
PC, PlayStation and PlayStation Network
ELSPA: 11+
Main Credits
(English Version) Phil Thorton
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Constructor is a 1997 video game released originally for MS-DOS Personal Computers, and later ported to the PlayStation and Windows-native DirectX 3. It was developed by System 3 and published by Acclaim.

In the game, packed with humouristic undertones, the player controls a construction company in a map split between several estates, and must deal with other teams to win the game.

A sequel, Constructor: Street Wars (known as Mob Rule in the US) was released in 1999, but failed to achieve the same success of the first game.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player controls a construction company, and aim to drive the other players out of business. Using teams of workers and foremen, the player must build facilities to manufacture building materials (a sawmill, concrete works, etc.), in order to build houses (ranging from simple wooden cabins to large mansions) in which to house tenants who pay rent and thus fund the company, as well as producing new workers, tenants and other characters. Along the way, the player can build homes for undesirables such as gangsters and hippies, who work to undermine the enemy.

Reception and sales[edit | edit source]

On 14 January 2010, System 3 Software re-released Constructor for Sony PSP and PS3 systems in Europe via the PlayStation Network,[1] and on 19 January 2010, Good Old Games re-released the game for sale by digital download for PC's.[2]

Sequel[edit | edit source]

Street Wars: Constructor Underworld (aka Mob Rule)

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