Core Scanner Probe I

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Core Scanner Probe I
Basic Information
Item Category
Ammunition & Charges
Ammo/Charge Type
Base Maximum Deviation
0.125 AU
Base Scan Range
40 AU
Base Sensor Strength
40 points
Inertia Modifier
1,000 x
1 kg
Maximum Flight Time
4000.00 s
Maximum Velocity
3,000 m/sec
Scan Range Increment Factor
2 x
EVE Online-Volume.pngStructure Hitpoints
240 HP
Tech Level
Level 1
Used with (Launcher Group)
Scan Probe Launcher
EVE Online-Volume.pngVolume
0.1 m³
Warp Speed Multiplier
150 x
Skill Requirements
EVE Online-Skillbook.png Astrometrics I
  EVE Online-Skillbook.png Science III
Tech I Variants
Core Scanner Probe I
Storyline Variants
RSS Core Scanner Probe
Faction Variants
Sisters Core Scanner Probe
Used With (Tech I)
Core Probe Launcher I
Expanded Probe Launcher I
Prototype Iris Probe Launcher
Used With (Tech II)
Core Probe Launcher II
Expanded Probe Launcher II
Used With (Faction)
Sisters Core Probe Launcher
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher

A scanner probe used for scanning down Cosmic Signatures in space.

Can be launched from Core Probe Launchers and Expanded Probe Launchers.