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Greatest planet of the Lylat system and home of Star Fox. Usually opposite Venom on a system map, since games start at Corneria and end at Venom. Symbolically, Corneria is good and Venom is not. Little is known about Corneria's people, since you only ever see buildings of the ruined variety, but judging from its look, players can tell that Corneria is (when not being attacked) a prosperous, advanced planet.

The leader of Corneria is unknown, although it's defense force leader, General Pepper, is most likely the closest thing they have to one. They have pictures of the guy all over the city in Star Fox 64. Why have propaganda-like pictures of a defense general all over the place?

Corneria seems to be in a leadership position of the entire Lylat system. Few of the other planets seem to have as much civilization.