Corsairs: Conquest at Sea

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Corsairs: Conquest at Sea
Corsairs Coverart.png
Developer(s) Microïds
Publisher(s) Microïds
status Status Missing
Release date April 30, 1999 (NA)
Genre Strategy
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ESRB: Everyone
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows 9x
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Requirements System: Pentium-133 or equivalent
RAM: 32 MB
Video Memory: 2 MB
Hard Drive Space: 100 MB
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Corsairs: Conquest at Sea is a 1999 strategy/action/adventure game for the PC, developed and published by Microïds (known for Syberia and its continuation Syberia II). The game is a simulation of the life of a privateer employed by either England or France in, most likely, the 17th century. The player can take part in either the campaign, which consists of several scenarios with a specific goal, or adventure mode, where the goal is simply to capture all the ports on the map for your nation.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Corsairs generally received mediocre reviews, and was released in few countries. It was often deemed as being buggy and having outdated sound and graphics,[1][2] but praised for having a decent storyline and being creative.[3] The game has limited ability to run on Windows 2000 and newer Windows operating systems, even with compatibility modes.

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