Councilor Donnel Udina

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Councilor Donnel Udina
Basic Information
Featured in...
Mass Effect 3
The text offered in the Codex changes based on what choice the player made in Mass Effect. This text is used if you choose Captain Anderson to serve on the Council.

Donnel Udina is the lone human on the Citadel Council. Although he has a keen ability for furthering his own political career, Udina has long promoted humanity's interest first and foremost in the galactic arena.

When humanity won a position on the Council for its part in defending the Citadel, the Alliance chose Captain David Anderson for the position. Udina became his advisor. Anderson eventually quit over frustrations with Council politics, and the Alliance named Udina to the office.

Despite his unwavering focus on human interests, Councilor Udina is usually willing to collaborate with other species. Even his opponents concede that Udina gives fair consideration to non-human proposals, so long as humanity also benefits.