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Creatures 2

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Creatures 2
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Creature Labs]][[Category:Creature Labs]]
Artificial life
Main Credits
[[Toby Simpson]]
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Creatures 2 is the second game in the Creatures artificial life game series made by Creature Labs. It features three species: the cute, dependent Norns, the cantankerous Grendels and the industrious Ettins. The game tries to simulate life, and includes a complex two-dimensional ecology of plants, animals and insects, which provide the environment for the three main species to live and develop in. The player interacts with the world using a hand-shaped cursor, and tries to encourage the creatures' development by manipulating various objects around the world, guiding the creatures using the cursor and encouraging the creatures to speak.

The executable file for the game was in fact an interpreter for its scripting language, thus allowing users to make total conversions or derivative works from the game.[citation needed]

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