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Cremia to the left and Romani to the right, both are sisters and resemble Malon.

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Family: Romani (sister)

Cremia is a farm girl from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She is the older, Terminan version of Malon from The Ocarina of Time.

At the beginning of the first day, the path to her ranch is blocked off by a large boulder and is impassible until the beginning of the third day. To move on with the game, it is required you come here to get a long missing friend.

On the first day, the ranch will be blocked by a huge boulder and it's inaccessible until the third day. Goron Link can use a powder keg to destroy the boulder earlier and gain entrance to the ranch.

Once inside, Cremia can be found tending to her cows and she'll ask if Link came from the town. Later, she asks link to act as a guard while she transports a shipment of milk to town for delivery.

If Romani isn't assisted in her attempts to fight off "them", she will be either missing or brainwashed, and Cremia will blame herself for not listening to her sister.