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Eochai and Jack-in-Irons lead their sides in eternal combat, crushing the occasional hero who gets between them.

Official Name Salamanca
Level Range 25-35
Zone Type City
Area 0.93 square miles
Arena Access? No
Trainer War Witch
Task Force Katie Hannon (30-35, requires unlocking through contacts)
Strike Force
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events Cabal/Fir Bolg vs. Red Cap/Tuatha de Dannon war in northern area.
Monster Spawns Eochai, Jack-in-Irons, Sally
Transportation PTA Green Line
Hero Groups
Villain Groups * Cabal
* Fir Bolg
* Red Caps
* Tuatha de Dannon
* Ghosts
* Devouring Earth
Contacts * Gordon Bower
* Skipper LeGrande
* Kelly Nemmers
* Buck Salinger
* Norbert Pittman (Special Mutant & Science Vendor)
* Ronald Kincade (Special Natural & Tech Vendor)
* The Conduit (Special Magic Vendor)
Districts * The Broken Teeth
* The Misty Wood
* Salamanca
* Sunset Ridge
* The Grim Vale
* New Connaught
Exploration Badges * Grim Wanderer: 762, 48, -2440
* Spiritual: -2669, 11, 1102
* Ensorcelled: 1018, 159, -1090
History Plaques * Alumnus Plaque 2: 541, 0, -1095, Pedestal
* Alumnus Plaque 3: -1305, 0, 2982, Pedestal
* Alumnus Plaque 4: -1033, 32, 2136, Pedestal
* Alumnus Plaque 5: 132, -32, -788, Pedestal
Connected Zones

Croatoa is a place in the PC game, City of Heroes.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Salamanca was a quiet college community on the outskirts of Paragon City, no gangs had any interest in pumpkin farms and hilly country. That simply would not do. During Halloween 2004 a battle between various mystical villain groups for a powerful tome weakened the barrier between the real world and the spirit realm, spreading werewolves, vampires, witches, and pumpkin-headed Fir Bolg across the city. After a few days things seemed to have returned to normal, but it was too late. The Red Caps, a group of evil gnomes, had found an opportunity to pull more of the world into their realm. They had done it once before: the Roanoke colony of Virginia, the famous lost colony of Croatoa. All the male members of that colony were long since killed, but the female members survived through witchcraft.

Thus the stage is set for Salamanca to become ground zero of a mystical war. On one side there's the Red Caps and their slaves, the Tuatha de Dannon, on the other, the Cabal and Fir Bolg. And in between, the farmers and students of Paragon University. Oh, and did we mention that this branch of the university focused on mystical studies?