Croc 2/Walkthrough

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Croc 2

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Boss Levels[edit | edit source]

The boss levels, as the name implies, have a boss. Each world has two, with the exception of the Inca village, which has only one. The player must complete three levels to unlock the first boss and the remaining two levels to unlock the second. Once the second boss has been defeated, Croc can progress to the next world. The Bosses are...

Sailor Village

  • Soveena the Squid
  • Cannon Boat Keith

Cossack Village

  • Flavio the Thermal Fish (hot air balloon)
  • Lava Lamp Larry

Caveman Village

  • Venus Fly Von-Trappe
  • Robotic Dinosaur

Inca Village

  • Baron Dante (airplane)

End Game Bosses

  • Goo Man Chu (in Goo Man Chu's tower)
  • Baron Dante II