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Game Series Chrono series
First Appearance Chrono Trigger
Japanese Name: KURONO
Gender: Male
Home: Guardia (1000 AD)
Weapon(s): Sword
Special Skill(s): Lightning/Sky magic
Creator(s): Akira Toriyama

Crono is the main hero in the SNES RPG classic Chrono Trigger. He doesn't really speak (He's not mute, he doesn't speak in the same way Link, the silent protagonist from the Legend of Zelda doesn't speak) and wields a Katana. If the spiky hair and angry eyes look familiar, it's because he was designed by Manga artist Akira Toriyama, (of Dragon Ball fame) as well as all the other Chrono Trigger characters. His elemental magic type is "Lightning", boasting such spells as "Luminaire", though in the original Japanese version, it was closer to Light/Holy magic.

In the game, he lives in the Kingdom of Guardia with his mother & his cat. His best friend is Lucca, an inventor girl, whom he is scheduled to meet at the Millenial Fair at the beginning of Chrono Trigger.

Crono and Chrono[edit | edit source]

Now, you may be wondering, why Crono and not Chrono? According to popular belief, the American version allowed only for 5 spaces in the name, while in the original Japanese version, he has a normal, "Chrono" name, with an H.

Crono is killed when he attempts to stop the monster Lavos in Zeal. He is only resurrected when his party goes to great lengths to use the Chrono Trigger to bring him back. Also, since he is the main hero, he's destined to get married to the main female character (Marle) that isn't his best friend.

In Chrono Cross, Crono (as well as Marle and Lucca) make a cameo in ghost form.