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For the windows restart button command, see Control Alt Delete.

Ctrl+Alt+Del is a webcomic created by Absath, also known as Tim. It stars Ethan, the wacky dumb one, and Lucas, the normal guy who plays the straight man to Ethan's antics. They are the inventors of Winter-een-mas, a weeklong video game holiday. The comic strip tends to be similar to Penny Arcade, though it has found its own audience and success.

CAD tends to write more about Xbox & PC games, although they still delve into the other consoles every now and then.

Website: http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/

Full list of Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Ethan
  • Lucas
  • Lilah (Ethan's wife)
  • Zeke (A sentient Xbox-based robot)
  • Scott (Linux fanatic housemate)
  • Ted (Scott's pet penguin)
  • Chef Brian (The essence of random. More random than Twisp & Catsby could ever hope to be)
  • The Players (Four characters depicting typical online gamers)

Winter-een-mas[edit | edit source]

Winter-een-mas is the name of the video game holiday, started by a webcomic called Ctrl Alt Del. Winter-een-mas takes place during the last week of January, typically January 25 to January 31. To celebrate Winter-een-mas, it is suggested that you just do things that celebrate the gaming subculture. Dust off that NES. Host a few LAN parties. Things of that nature, usually involving other people. There are no other regular customs for this holiday.

Winter-een-mas began in 2004. Its king is the Ctrl Alt Del character, Ethan.