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Cyber World, aka the Internet, in the Mega Man Battle Network series was invented by Doctor Tadashi Hikari. Unlike the real Internet, Cyber World is a 3D world, and all the programs in it are actually represented as humanoids. This is where NetNavis like MegaMan.EXE and GutsMan.EXE live. It's linked to just about every electronic device in the Real World. In the MMBN games, there's Cyber World, where the player controls MegaMan.EXE and the Real World where the player controls Lan Hikari.

Though the MMBN games feature an unfortunate lack of 1337, Cyber World is full of subtle Microsoft jokes. In Mega Man Battle Network, the roads of the Undernet were made of objects that resembled large floating Xboxes. In Mega Man Battlenetwork 2 the core CPU inside SciLab's most powerful computer resembled the GameCube logo. In Mega Man Battlenetwork 4, the following exchange takes place on Yai's BBS:

Subject: Hello Yai
From: Gates
"Hey, Yai! How r u doing? I took a vacation to Oran Isle, too! But I guess I must've missed you! Too bad cuz it would have been fun to hang out! Hope to see you at a party! Tell Glide I said hi!"

Subject: Oran Isle
From: Dex
"Whoa, dude! I went to Oran Isle, too! It was a blast! Great seafood! Clear skies! That place rocks! Don't miss the OldMine tour! Next time I wanna go with GutsMan!"

Subject: RE:Oran Isl
From: Yai
"Gosh, Dex! Gates is a world-famous BattleChip designer. Can't you talk with a little more class? Hello Mr.Gates. I regret not meeting you on Oran Isle. We're hosting a party at Ayanokoji's. I hope we can see you there."