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Basic Information
Location Information
0.84 Earth Atmospheres
6,271 km

Solar System Entry[edit | edit source]

This garden world's claim to military fame is that it was assaulted frequently during the Krogan Rebellions, but never occupied by more than token forces. The asari cut off the krogan supply at the Citadel relay and drove the invaders out. Today, antimatter generators on the surface provide fuel for military starships throughout asari space. The matriarchs defending the planet today have vowed to maintain Cyone's legacy--they pledge it will fall to no enemy, organic or synthetic.

Note: The player can land here in a Kodiak Shuttle for the Fuel Reactors mission.

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

Cyone, a fortified world under the protection of several asari matriarchs, has begun to supply fuel to Systems Alliance forces in the hope that an asari-human partnership might prevent the Reapers from seizing the planet. Alliance forces have since established several outposts in the system.

The humans and asari have been joined by a small detachment of turians, draw from the private militia of a corporate conglomerate that does business with Cyone. The three species are so determined to defend Cyone that integration issues have been negligible.

The task force has already thrown back several Reaper attacks, although the commanders express concern that small Reaper forces could have slipped through despite their vigilance.