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Basic Information
Basic Information
Company Type
privately owned
The Strangers, Napalm: Crimson crisis, State of War (game), State of War: Warmonger, Gods: Lands of Infinity, Logitech's Golf, Gods: Lands of Infinity Special Edition, State of War2: Arcon, Command and Destroy
Game development

Cypron Studios is a computer game developer based in Michalovce, Slovakia. Cypron Studios is an official Nintendo Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii developer.

History[edit | edit source]

The history of Cypron Studios goes back to 1996 when Ablaze Entertainment was founded and created their first game on Commodore Amiga computers. In 2001 Ablaze Entertainment switched to PC development and formed Cypron Studios Ltd. In 2006 Cypron Studios became an official Nintendo developer and started development for Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.

Released games[edit | edit source]

  • The Strangers (1997) (Amiga), real-time strategy game.
  • Napalm: Crimson Crisis (1999) (Amiga), real-time strategy game.
  • State of War (2001) (PC), real-time strategy game, full of action, destruction and explosions!
  • State of War: Warmonger (2003) (PC), real-time strategy game, a sequel to State of War.
  • Gods: Lands of Infinity (2006) (PC), A unique mixture of 3D role playing game and trade strategy with turn-based battles.
  • Logitechs's golf (2006) (PC), This casual game was developed especially for Logitech's presentation of the MX Revolution mouse.
  • Gods: Lands of Infinity Special Edition (2007) (PC), Improved version of Gods:Lands of Infinity, created especially for North American market.
  • State of War2: Arcon (2007) (PC), real-time strategy game designed for Multiplayer gamers.
  • Command and Destroy (2008) (Nintendo DS), the first real-time strategy game on Nintendo DS!
  • 1vs100 (2008) (Nintendo DS), an exciting quiz game based on popular TV show by Endemol.
  • Jagged Alliance (2009) (Nintendo DS), DS version of the award winning Jagged Alliance PC franchise.

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