Da Qiao

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Da Qiao

Da Qiao Multiraid2.jpg
Da Qiao in Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2.

Game Series Dynasty Warriors series
Warriors Orochi series
First Appearance Dynasty Warriors 3
Alias: One of the Two Qiaos
Japanese Name: 大喬
Nationality: China
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 160 cm(5'3")
Weight: 44 kg
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Wu Country, China
Likes: Sun Ce
Dis-Likes: Evils
Hobbies: Dancing
Family: Father, Qiao Xuan
Husband, Sun Ce
Younger Sister, Xiao Qiao
Power: Fireball
Fighting Style: Qiao's Style
Weapon(s): Twin Fans(1st weapon)
Violet Fans(2nd Weapon)
True Beauty(3rd Weapon)
Qiao Beauty(4th Weapon)
Skill(s): Dancing
Voice Actor(s): Junko Shimakata (JP)
Wendee Lee (EN)
Notes: Da Qiao's attack is weaker than her younger sister Xiao Qiao.

Da Qiao is a character introduced in Dynasty Warriors 3 and is one of the characters cut in Dynasty Warriors 6. She returns in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 2. She is Xiao Qiao's eldest sister and they are known throughout the land as the Two Qiaos. She is the wife of Sun Ce.

In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 17 years old and her height is the same as her sister's at 160 cm (5'3").

Role in Games[edit | edit source]

"Da Qiao, you sure have gotten strong."
―Sun Ce to Da Qiao

Dynasty Warriors[edit | edit source]

In Dynasty Warriors 3 and 4, both sisters were kidnapped by Dong Zhuo and later saved by Sun Ce and Zhou Yu, who married the two girls after. In Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu faced a test to win the hearts of the Two Qiaos with Zhou Yu stating that fighting for the Qiaos' hearts is a lot easier than confessing love to them.

Da Qiao's Dynasty Warriors 5 Musou Mode revolves on her contributions to Sun Ce, who only wanted her to be safe from harm. Throughout the story, she struggles to make herself fight alongside her husband and become stronger along the way. She later on contributed greatly at the battle of Xia Kou, helping a finally accepting Sun Ce while on his mysterious condition. Her ending involved Sun Ce almost getting over his illness, thanking his wife for keeping him alive.

Warriors Orochi[edit | edit source]

Da Qiao appears as an enemy for the Orochi Army in Sekigahara, where she struggles to fight against her husband who became a rebel against the Orochi forces. Sun Ce then gave his wife a request to stay with Sun Quan (who was still angry with the fact about his brother's rebellion) in which Da Qiao accepted nonetheless.

In Anegawa, she was held hostage again by the Orochi forces. Dong Zhuo attempts to approach Da Qiao, angering Sun Ce. Throughout the stage, Sun Ce prevents Dong Zhuo from trying to lay a finger on his wife, even if it almost costs a wipeout on the main camp (only to be protected by Ieyasu's iron will). After being rescued, Da Qiao then joins the Wu Army.

In Warriors Orochi 2, she again is seen fighting for the Wu forces alongside Sun Ce as a reinforcement at Itsukushima, whilst helping Sun Quan from an enemy attack led by Kiyomori Taira. If playing the Orochi Story Mode, Da Qiao can be unlocked after winning the Battle of He Fei, in which Da Qiao is captured alongside: Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Shang Xiang and Zhou Tai.

She also shared a Dream Mode with Oichi and Sun Shang Xiang, where they have to save their husbands from Da Ji's trickery. Da Qiao found out that Sun Ce was in a garrison with a phantom Da Qiao. After defeating the phantom, Da Qiao humorously scolds Sun Ce for not noticing who was the real wife. Sun Ce then temporary leaves the battlefield for reinforcements while the women go for the final charge to Da Ji's camp.

Character Information[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Da Qiao is a mature and sensible woman who desires to become stronger. Generally shy and timid, she doesn't like conflict and would normally not want to perpetuate it. However, since she wants to protect her husband from harm, Da Qiao braves the trials of battle to the best of her ability. Fond of her mate, she calls him a formal yet adoring "Lord Sun Ce", which sometimes embarrasses him in the spin-off titles.

Though she seems to be submissive, she won't hesitate to snap at her sister for acting selfish or slipping with her manners. While they generally get along, their relative protectiveness over their mates in their shared Legend Mode sparks a somewhat childish and heated argument between both sisters.

Voice Actors[edit | edit source]

  • Wendee Lee - Dynasty Warriors 4~5, Warriors Orochi series (English)
  • Kim Jihye - Dynasty Warriors 3 (Korean)
  • Yeo Min Jeong - Dynasty Warriors 4~5 (Korean)
  • Junko Shimakata - Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi series (Japanese)

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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  • "You just won't quit will you? Forgive me, Lord Sun Ce. I cannot let this stand!"
  • "Now I'm serious!"
  • "Welcome back, sis! Did you bring me anything?"
"Xiao Qiao, now is not the time to fool around. But I'm glad you're safe."
~~Both sisters in Warriors Orochi 2

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Moveset[edit | edit source]

Keys [1] Normal Attack • [2] Charge Attack [3] Musou • [4] Jump/Mount

Dynasty Warriors 5[edit | edit source]

  • [5]: Da Qiao rotates on both legs 360 degrees to the right. She then crosses her fans together and pushes it to make a small fireball.
  • [6][7]: Da Qiao raises her right fan up vertically.
  • [8][9][10]: She first slices her opponent upwards using her right fan to the left, then her left fan to the right. She repeats this another two times before spinning 360 degrees to the left.
  • [11][12][13][14]: She leans forward and glides for about a second to push her opponents away.
  • [15][16][17][18][19]: Da Qiao jumps and crosses both her fans together while looking down and makes a small whirlwind.
  • [20][21][22][23][24][25]: Da Qiao spins 720 degrees to the left to make a large whirlwind that clears large crowds.
  • [26]: She stands on one leg, tip-toed while the other is lifted backwards and raises her right arm and spins it around her head. This will make her fans levitate and continuously spin in front of her and at the end of her Musou attack, she throws her fans and spins 360 degrees to the left and hurls a large fireball in front of her.

Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

Dynasty Warriors[edit | edit source]

In the Dynasty Warriors games, Da Qiao fought with paper folding fans called "True Beauty". Like her sister, Da Qiao's attacks were rather weak, but fast. This allowed for her to battle effectively. The main things that set her style apart from her sister's were that Da Qiao's charge attacks were more focused around one-on-one battles, and were very effective as such. Da's best attacks for crowd clearing were the end of her normal moveset and her sixth charge attack. In Dynasty Warriors 5, Da Qiao's fourth weapon was heavy, which gave her a severe nerf by reducing her speed. To make up for this, though, she was given rather large bonuses in life, musou, attack, and defense. This gave her the potential to be one of the stronger fighters, if both of her fans managed to connect with the opponent.

In Strikeforce 2, her wands grant mobility for several acrobatic feats, and she can now project a magical seal to harm foes. In her square attacks she swings her wands releasing fireballs with long range and her chage attacks produce a shield and can she can have up to three depending on how powerful the attack is.

Warriors Orochi[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

See also: Da Qiao/Weapons

Dynasty Warriors 5[edit | edit source]

  • Twin Fans
  • Violet Fans
  • True Beauty
  • Qiao beauty

How to Obtain Qiao Beauty[edit | edit source]

  • Stage: Battle of Xia Kou (Wu)
  • Location: North of Cai Mao's position.
  • Requirements: Defeat Cai Mao and Gan Ning before Ling Tong is defeated.
  • A second player will make this much easier as Gan Ning is hyped up for this battle. Turn back and proceed along the bottom and up the left flank, up to where Ling Cao is. If Gan Ning has not arrived by the time you get there, feel free to take the base to the north and the gates. Gan Ning will arrive and kill Ling Cao almost instantly. Kill Gan Ning (with assistance from player 2 if available) and then head to the centre and kill Cai Mao. Note: Da Qiao must get the final hit on both officers. If Ling Tong or Huang Gai kills Gan Ning, the weapon will not appear.