Dance 86.4 Funky Radio Station

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Dance 86.4 Funky Radio Station
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Dance pad
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Dance 86.4 (pronounced "Dance Yaroyo", which loosely translates to "Let's Dance") Funky Radio Station is a music video game produced by Konami in 2005. It is part of the Bemani collection of music games.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dance 86.4 has a simple dance pad with three panels laid out side-by-side. The player must step on these three panels to the beat or rhythm of the music.

The interface is similar to beatmania and other Bemani games. Three columns are displayed on-screen, one for each panel. Colorful footprints, representing musical notes, scroll downwards from the top of the screen. The player must step on the corresponding panel when the notes reach the bottom, using the music to properly time each step.

The gameplay includes bombs, notes that you must avoid stepping on. This functionality is commonly seen in Roxor Games' In the Groove series of dancing games. Unlike Dance Dance Revolution, the game does not offer step judgements after you complete a song, but rather a percentage. Minigames can be played if you obtain a sufficient percentage.

The game's music consists of anime, television, and J-pop licensed songs, designed to appeal towards the younger Japanese audience.

Konami has not made any announcements regarding a home version of the game.

Shortly after its release, players discovered that it had a glitch. The cabinet would freeze up after a bit of gameplay, but it was fixed, very soon after.

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