Dancing Stage Fusion

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Dancing Stage Fusion
Cover art for the PlayStation 2 release of Fusion.
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH]][[Category:Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH]]
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[[Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH]][[Category:Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH]]
[[Dance Dance Revolution & Bemani (series)|Dance Dance Revolution & Bemani]][[Category:Dance Dance Revolution & Bemani (series)]]
Music & Exercise
[[29" CRT (Raster, 740x480)]]
CD (1) & DVD (1)
Dance pad (feet) & Gamepad (hands)
Arcade and Sony PlayStation & PlayStation 2

PEGI: 3+
PlayStation 2:
PEGI: 3+

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Dancing Stage Fusion, abbreviated DS Fusion or simply Fusion, is a music video game released by Konami to the European PlayStation and PlayStation 2 gaming audience on November 5, 2004. In April of the following year, Dancing Stage Fusion was released as an arcade game. Fusion featured new gameplay features such as EyeToy support for the PlayStation 2 release as well as new music from hit pop artists. The arcade version of Fusion was the first arcade machine in Europe since Dancing Stage EuroMix 2 and set a milestone as the first Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine produced by Konami since Dance Dance Revolution Extreme in 2002. The arcade release marked a total game engine upgrade from the old PlayStation-based boards to a new system built on top of an off-the-shelf PlayStation 2. This hardware upgrade would be later featured in the global release of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova in 2006.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Music[edit | edit source]

The following three lists are playable songs in each respective version of Dancing Stage Fusion. They are ordered as they appear in game (much like a music album) and color coded according to color coding in game. Yellow represents licensed music, white represents Konami Originals (music developed within Konami by their own in-house artists), and blue represents Boss Songs (DDR terminology for the hardest songs available).

The soundtrack of the PlayStation Dancing Stage Fusion release is a cut down list of the music available on the PlayStation 2 version. None of the songs contain Freeze Arrows and there are no unlocks.

The PlayStation 2 release of Dancing Stage Fusion features a much larger list of licensed tracks and Konami Originals. Many of the songs contain Freeze Arrows and the songs listed with a padlock must be unlocked by meeting certain in-game requirements before players can access them.

The arcade release of Dancing Stage Fusion was made available to the public several months after the console versions. Some of the licensed tracks have been removed and replaced by others. There is no unlock system in place on the arcade release and Freeze Arrows are present.

Cultural reference[edit | edit source]

The Dancing Stage Fusion arcade machine was featured in the music video for Madonna's hit single "Hung Up". Although, in reverse, the song "Hung Up" has never been featured in any Dance Dance Revolution game.

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