Dangerous Seed

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Dangerous Seed
Basic Information
Video Game
Scrolling Shooter
[[Vertical orientation, Raster, 224 x 288 resolution]]
8-way joystick, 2 buttons
Arcade and Mega Drive
Retail Features
Gameplay-1-2 Players Alternating.png
Play Information
Technical Information
Main Credits
S. Shimizu, Y. Shinozaki
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
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Dangerous Seed (デンジャラスシード) is a vertical scrolling shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1989 only in Japan. In 1990, a Sega Mega Drive version was also developed and released only in Japan.

The player assumed control of three separate ships operated by three separate pilots: Alpha ship is piloted by Yugo Tyrone, Beta ship is piloted by Belle Vogato, and Gamma ship is piloted by Kenny Crawford. Each ship had a different firing pattern that the player could switch between when the ships were formed together as The Moon Diver. Their mission is to quell an alien invasion spanning all of the Milky Way and destroy the alien's headquarters: the Danger Seed.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player starts with three separate fighters and has to make it through four tubes using the fighters separately. If one gets destroyed, then the next, more powerful ship makes an attempt to get through. If you get to stage 5, the three ships combine into one big ultra combo ship called the Moon Diver which brings massive amounts of sheer firepower. Each ship has shields, but the stages must be completed with one ship. The gameplay is also very similar to that of Dragon Spirit and Phelios.

Weapons and Items[edit | edit source]

Normal Shot: Shown as a large green P, this fired a standard Vulcan shots. The shot would increase in numbers, strength and direction depending on which ship was selected.

Laser: Shown as a large blue P, this fired long blue lasers. The shot would increase in numbers, strength and direction depending on which ship was selected.

Wide Shot: Shown as a large red P, this would fire large, but thin red shots. The shot would increase in numbers, strength and direction depending on which ship was selected.

Bomb: Shown as a red bomb device, this would increase the player's bomb supply. Using the bomb would result in the destruction of 90% of the enemies on screen. The bombs would change in type depending on the selected ship.

Option: Shown as large green O, these were rotating shields that surrounded the ship/s, protecting it/them from enemy fire while simultaneously providing blunt, close attacks against nearby enemies. Upgrading the Options would cause the Options to rotate in wider oval formations.

Speed-Up: Shown as a large blue S, this item increased all of the ships speed.

Energy Capsule: Shown as a yellow and orange capsule of fluid, this would increase the energy of the selected ship.

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