Dark Samus

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Yeah, this thing is evil

Imagine you're infamous female bounty hunter Samus Aran, and you've followed a Galactic Federation distress beacon to the unusual planet of Aether. Imagine you discover the disturbing threats of Space Pirates and Ing. Now imagine standing face to face with a dark, malevolant mirror image of yourself. Are you frightened? You will be... you will be.

Dark Samus is apparently a hybrid being of the Ing and Phazon, but the mystery is how it looks like Samus, and what its mission is on Aether. While Samus goes about her task of saving the planet, Dark Samus appears repeatedly, seeking Phazon and attempting to derail the heroine. Fortunately, as awesome as Dark Samus is, real Samus is more awesome.

Floats in the air? Tricksy hobbitses
Been hitting the Phazon eh?

Dark Samus is believed to be the reincarnation of Metroid Prime, after having stolen Samus's Phazon Suit in the ending of the first Metroid Prime (completing the game with 100% item completion will show a black hand in the shape of Samus's suit's rise out of the Phazon). It is also believed that the meteor that hit Aether was a result of the explosion or some other phenomena on Tallon IV.

Samus and her dark alter ego fight many times through the course of the game. After defeating the Ing Emperor, Samus has a final showdown with the doppleganger, where once again the power of phazon is turned against the alien being and used to defeat it. But it was not defeated in Metroid Prime 2 It came back and stole an Aruora unit from the GF-flagship Vahalla, and fused it with the planet Phaaze, the only source of Phazon, but at the end of Metriod Prime 3 Dark Samus make the mistake of fusing with the Aruora, and when the real Samus blows up the unit, it triggers a chainreaction that destroy Phaaze, and all phazon in the universe.

Dark Samus, has a large arrange of Phazon-based powers, these include teleportation, flight, making clones (Echoes), healing, and a phazon-based beam. However, these are just a few of its powers.