Darkened Skye

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Darkened Skye
Darkened Skye Coverart.png
Developer(s) Boston Animation
Publisher(s) Simon & Schuster, TDK Mediactive, Oxygen Games
Designer Designer Missing
Engine Engine Missing
status Status Missing
Release date Windows
January 27, 2002 (NA)
July 11, 2003 (PAL)
November 16, 2002 (NA)
May 30, 2003 (PAL)
Genre Third-person shooter, action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player
Age rating(s) ESRB: T
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Nintendo GameCube
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media 1 × Nintendo optical disc, 2 × CD-ROM
Input Gamepad
Requirements Requirements Missing
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Darkened Skye is a 2002 third-person action-adventure shooter video game for the PC and Nintendo GameCube, whose developer, Boston Animation, programmed it primarily in Ukraine. The game was also packaged with Outlaw Golf. Its title character is a young woman named Skye who lives in a fantasy realm searching for her mother. She does not use firearms, but can perform magic using Skittles candies, as well as use her staff as a melee weapon, though it also becomes an energy weapon when used in conjunction with the Skittles.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game begins on a path in the forest of Lynlora near a village and moves to many settings, such as the gloomy Ogmire Archipelago and the drowned city and dungeon of the same name; Tikniki Swamp, which has a maze and a scene of riding shotgun on a giant turtle which you cannot steer; a fleet of balloons called the Sky Pirates' Camp; the Chinese-style land of Zen'Jai with lava rivers, three dragon lairs, of various elemental affinities, and the Warlord's Palace, which is like a maze; Stone Heath, with three combination-lock puzzles located in ancient stone circles; a multi-story dungeon called the Goblins' Lair; the Bone Lands, which surround a lava lake; a vampires' necropolis called the Gargoyle Cemetery, which leads to a Cathedral taken over by the enemy and a giant collapsed staircase in the Bell Tower; and a skyfull of floating stones leading to Necroth's Realm and his Lair. There is a short puzzle in a miniature village along a stream, called Twell Country.

Skye's overwhelming debility is drowning, so the game involves much jumping over water hazards, especially prevalent in Ogmire. There are also many puzzles of avoiding falling from great heights. It has an arcade sequence of riding a fantasy beast through underground chambers without falling into lava pits or crashing into rock formations.

So that it can be played by children, the game maintains a healthy sense of humor about itself and its design. For example, defeated creatures melt away and it contains no morbid plot elements whatsoever. The vampires merely whisper meaningless taunts and never act like merciless monsters.

One of the aids that the game provides the player is that past dialogue is accessible. Also, it contains a notebook which keeps track of what the player is searching for at any given point in the plot.

Licensing[edit | edit source]

The magic system is based on the use of Skittles candy. M&M Mars licensed use of their candy but maintained some editorial control upon the game. One requirement was to "remove all the snakes from the game." When asked for clarification, they said that there could be snake-like creatures, but no actual snakes.[1]

Skye performs different magic spells by using various combinations of colored Skittles. She can perform non-combat spells like seeing invisible items, firewalking, floating, temporarily nullifying petrification spells, shrinking, reviving dead creatures, creating a protective field, increasing the firepower of the attacks spells, and turning ordinary people into mages (though she will only get to perform that spell on her mother). Attack spells range from light beams, fireballs, iceballs, lightning, confusion, and a spell that specifically destroys undead creatures (the only means to permanently kill a vampire). Skittles have limited, though slowly regenerating, quantities of Mana. When their mana is depleted, no spells can be performed with them and they have a dulled color. They regenerate mana over time, but mana can be replenished quickly by picking up blue power-ups. Available spells depend on the quantity of Skittles Skye collects throughout the game.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Skye is the only player-character. Besides her, the characters who appear in several settings are a man who intermittently appears to Skye in magical visitations and a little wisecracking gargoyle who accompanies Skye throughout her adventures, floating above the ground by beating his tiny wings or perched as a metal statue on the top of her staff.

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