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Darkstalkers Resurrection

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Darkstalkers 3[edit | edit source]

Selecting Oboro Bishamon[edit | edit source]

On the character select screen, highlight Bishamon, hold select and press punch or kick button.

Selecting Dark Talbain[edit | edit source]

On the character select screen, highlight Jon Talbain and hold select, then press any two punch or any two kick buttons simultaneously.

Selecting Shadow[edit | edit source]

On the character select screen, highlight the random character select icon or the "?", press start 5 times and then any punch or kick button.

Fight Oboro Bishamon[edit | edit source]

To fight Oboro Bishamon, you must meet certain requirements. The player must not have "auto mode" selected. The player cannot lose a single round and defeat at least two opponents with a specific EX move. Oboro Bishamon will appear after the characters boss battle and wining against him will award the player with a special ending featuring Anita and the various characters. The same ending is available for purchase in the vault.

EX move list[edit | edit source]

Character EX Move
Anakaris Pharaoh Salvation or Pharaoh Decoration
B.B.Hood Beautiful Memory
Bishamon Soul Torment
Demitri Maximoff Midnight Pleasure
Felicia Please Help Me
Hsien-Ko Chinese Bomb
Jon Talbain/Dark Talbain Razor Slice
Jedah Dohma Prova=Déi=Cervo
Lilith Gloomy Puppet Show
Lord Raptor Hell Dunk
Morrigan Aensland Darkness Illusion
Q-Bee plus B
Rikuo Aqua Spread
Sasquatch Big Sledge
Victor von Gerdenheim Gerdenheim 3