Darwin/Mass Effect 3

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Darwin/Mass Effect 3
Basic Information
Location Information
112.06 Earth Atmospheres
Day Length
37.3 Earth Hours
Orbital Distance
0.9 AU (from Skepsis)
Orbital Period
0.9 Earth Years
6,771 km
Surface Gravity
1.2 G g
Surface Temp.
710 °C
Featured in...
Mass Effect 3

A mid-sized rock planet, Darwin is ironically named, being one of the worst places for life in the galaxy. Its atmosphere is punishing, its temperature boiling, its chemical makeup toxic. Carbon monoxide and methane wrap the planet in an unyielding haze, and scans of its surface show only silicates and molten tin. Its daily thermal fluctuations lead to hurricane-level vortices, two at each pole, forming "eyes" that can be seen from orbit. Despite all this, Darwin is still used by spacers as a drive core discharge point--hydrogen pierces the clouds in the upper atmosphere, making for a relatively benign approach.