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Basic Information
Video Game
Adventure, Action, Stealth
Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
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Data-Fly was a video game Sci-Fi adventure stealth game being developed by ORiGO GAMES LTD for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.[1]

The player would control a nanotech, artificially intelligent lifeform known as FLY, who has the task of rescuing her creator, Azadeh, from a military base. The game would of let players take either a stealth-based approach or a more action-oriented approach.

More recently, ORiGO GAMES released a teaser picture showcasing a reptile on a rock,[2] listing many numbers below. Each number represented a letter in the alphabet, resulting in the lines:

In nature things are not always as they seem.
To survive one must live, adapt and evolve.

I am watching.

We are watching.

To live is to survive.
To survive is to learn.
To learn is to adapt.
Nature knows no bounds.
In nature curiosity reigns.
World exclusive trailer at GDC.
Take everything you know and leave it behind. has revealed the first trailer for Data-Fly.[3]

Additionally, Origo games revealed the first in game screenshots of Data Fly on

As of 2017, the game was removed from ORiGO-GAMES website and has received no additional updates.

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