Date Kimiko no Virtual Tennis

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Date Kimiko no Virtual Tennis
Basic Information
Video Game
8-megabit cartridge[1]
Super Famicom game controller
Super Famicom
Retail Features
Play Information
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Super Famicom
May 131994[2]
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Date Kimiko no Virtual Tennis (伊達公子のバーチャルテニス?, "Date Kimiko's Virtual Tennis")[3] is a virtual game for the Super Famicom (the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System) that simulates the world of professional women's tennis. The object is to become one of the best female tennis players; like Date Kimiko. In the world tournament mode, there is an elaborate story line to participate in as the player tries to become the world's most premier tennis champ.[4]

This game is purely a simulation mode; there are no arcade gimmicks or exaggerations to ruin the feel of authentic tennis. In addition to the world tournament mode, there is also an exhibition and a "normal" tournament mode. Passwords using Japanese characters are required to resume a player's progress within the course of the world tournament. Animated pictures and Japanese language text bring realistic pictures of airplanes (for travel to the major tours around the world), cities, and other places to help create a suspension of disbelief. Tournaments themselves are ranked in a series of letter grades to help determine the strength of the opponents.

The level system in order from lowest to highest is: E (mediocre), D (below average), C (average), B (good), A (excellent), and finally S (super). There is a chance that clouds can bring rain which delays matches; causing both of the players' stamina meters to fully recharge themselves.

This is a screen shot showing the final results of a typical match. Notice that all of the text is in Japanese.

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