DayMare Town 2

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DayMare Town 2
Basic Information
Video Game
Mateusz Skutnik
Puzzle, Escape from the room, Point and Click Adventure
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Main Credits
Mateusz Skutnik
United Nations International Release Date(s)
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Overview[edit | edit source]

DayMare Town is a series of point and click, escape from the room (or "area", rather) freeware puzzle games created by artist/programmer Mateusz Skutnik. The player finds themselves in a series of odd towns with people who seem very distant. Each game has certain goals to accomplish in order to beat them, which requires the player to use their mouse to find and apply objects to certain situations to open up more areas of the game in hopes of solving it.

The games feature black and white hand-drawn graphics, some of which are very simple, and the games are also very sparse in sound. They are also considered to be pretty difficult in general, even to the veteran escape from the room player (as Skutnik himself had stated with the first DayMare Town game it was his most difficult escape-type game yet).

DayMare Town 2[edit | edit source]

This sequel starts off right where the original ended, when the player crosses a bridge into another unusual town. The player still has their hook on a piece of string and lighter in their inventory left over from the first game.

This game plays a bit differently than the original, arguably being a bit easier and running on a monetary system needed to help beat the game, as the player can find many coins scattered throughout the town, which are required to buy things in order to help solve several of the games' puzzles and to eventually beat it. Also, the player has to perform several small duties for several of the people in town (in the form of puzzles, of course) in order to find and return several special eggs to their place in the town’s museum in order to win the game.

The towns' inhabitants are also immediately seen in the game, unlike with the original when no people were seen for quite a while, although most of them either seem horrendously depressed or ill.

Once the last egg is found and returned and one final puzzle is taken care of, a hot air balloon will be released, carrying the player off to places unknown at the end...

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