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Dead Rising features hundreds of weapons, ranging from toys, tools, swords, knives, guns, and more. 

A piece of Wood normally used in construction. You find it in generally any area. It's most commonly found in the North Plaza. It is a bit slow but it quite powerful. It breaks after a medium amount of damage has been done.
Baseball Bat
Instantly recognisable as one of the classic zombie weapons, the baseball bat is effective. Frank swings it horizontally, attacking multiple foes at once. However, the bat breaks comparatively quickly. It is also possible to charge up the attack for a home-run swing. Found in most sporting goods stores.
The bench is an excellent ramming weapon. Frank West picks up the bench by the end and charges towards the enemy like a battering ram, knocking over a large number of enemies and causing moderate damage. Also great for barracades.
Bowling ball
This weapon can be used to smash the zombies skulls open. When thrown Frank West tosses it as though he was bowling, instantly throwing aside zombies,this weapon can be found in many sporting goods shops, there is also an achievement for knocking ten zombies aside with one throw
These can be used in 3 ways: hit zombies with it, throw it at zombies, OR you can shove it onto a zombies head. Remember: If the zombie can't see you, it can't kill you! Servbot heads work the same way. Found in hardware stores and sometimes in the North Plaza.
Used like the gems with same effect (see below). The difference is that you can not attack multiple enemies with one shot.
Ceremonial Sword (Cultist Leader)
This sword is basically the katana only better. It is unlocked after defeating the Cultist Leader (to do this you must first rescue Jennifer from being "cleansed" by the cultists) in Movieland theater #4 or #5. This sword is stronger than the katana, has better reach, and will last longer before it craps out. Spawns in the same theater that you defeat the Cultist in. It appears to be a Scottish Claymore.
Usually found in hardware stores, the chainsaw is petrol driven, so has to be switched on to do the terrible damage it is capable of. It takes a fair amount of time for the Petrol gas supply to run dry. There are two attacks with the chainsaw, a quick swing or a brutal spin, you gain PP for every enemy you kill with the spin attack. However, it is not necessary to swing it around; You can just run around without attacking and any zombie in your way will take damage.
Cash Register
Found in almost every store, the cash register is quite common and very useful when a baseball bat or 2x4 is not within reach. Kills zombies in around two hits but will almost always break on impact if thrown. Has two basic attacks:vertically slamming into zombie (tap X button once) and following the slamming attack two horizontal swings (press X three times).
Small Chainsaws (Adam the Clown)
If Adam the Clown disappointed his family with his choice of career, he didn't disappoint us with his choice of weaponry. His mini chainsaws do maximum damage against other psychopaths and slice limbs like butter. It is like a chainsaw except it is much smaller and is just as strong. It also lasts longer. This item is respawnable in the same area. This item is one of the only ones that can be strengthened three times as much (When picking up three types of magazines. They are the Entertainment magazine, the Engineering Magazine, and the Criminal Biography Magazine. With these three in effect the player can kill over 3,000 zombies).
It is used very similarly to the Bowling Ball. The difference is that you cannot throw it like a bowling ball. Found in the Fitness Area in the Al Fresca Plaza. The Dumbbell can also be found in the Al'Fresca Plaza fountain, along with the Submachine Gun.
The Excavator is similar to the chainsaw in that it is a two handed weapon. When used Frank stabs it into the nearest thing around. The Zombie starts spinning and with that Frank is able to hit other enemies with the zombie that is spinning around on the Excavator's shaft. Found in the North Plaza.
Fire Axe
The Fire axe is a quick, one-hit kill weapon found in Crislip's Home Saloon. (North Plaza). And found in infinite mode by killing the sniper rifle family in the park.
Frying Pan
The frying pan is used to club enemies. Frank is a wizard in the kitchen, whipping up delicious smoothies with ease. When zombies get too close, however, Frank likes to grab a frying pan for a decent, face-smashing melee weapon. Also, put it on the stove (+ 500 PP), heat it up, and use it to melt off zombie face for a one-hit kill (+ 2000 PP). If you don't want to melt zombie face, heating the pan will still do more damage than a cool one.
Found in jewelry stores and can be thrown with high power. It is almost impossible to kill a zombie with gems before you reach level 35 (or so) but their are still fun to throw. Smash the glass, snatch and run.
Golf Club or Hockey Stick
The golf club comes with some golf balls. Frank hits one, and a golf ball hits a targeted foe. The attacks can be powered up by depressing the attack button. This can be found in the sporting stores. The Hockey Stick works the same way but with hockey pucks.
This instrument makes for a kill that is music to your ears. There are two kinds of guitars in the game: acoustic and electric. However, there is no difference between the two combatwise. Swing it around, swing it again, and then smash it to the ground for a devastating blow! Can be found in music stores (Try Tunemasters).
Gumball Machine
It's the candy that makes this weapon so hilarious. It works just like any other heavy object in Dead Rising, but it's filled with happy colored gumballs to add that extra bit of humiliation you need to bestow upon your zombie victims. When thrown and smashed the gumballs will make the poor zombies lose their balance and fall over (and over and over). This makes it a great weapon if you want to escape or if you want a hilarious picture (extra PP).
Battle Axe
This weapon is found in the antiques shop behind the glass. It is very powerful and kills zombies as easily as the Katana. It is slow but has a very large range for killing multiple Zombies in less swings. It breaks after mild usage.


This is the players only infinite weapon in dead rising, although at level one these attacks are extremely weak and only good for keeping zombies back. However as the player raises levels Frank can karate chop, disembowel, football tackle etc. to his enemies. These moves will be very important in the game.
Hunk of Meat (Hand) and coat hanger
When you see a zombie eating a hand (called "hunk of meat" in the game), kick him and pick it up as he drops it. Now you can jam it into his mouth and prevent him from biting you. It is a VERY weak weapon but fun to watch. The coat hanger can be found in some stores and can be uses in the same way as the bloody hand.
The Handgun is the first firearm you get in the game (That's if the player missed getting the shotgun in the beginning of the game). It doesn't have much stopping power and has 30 shots. It is useful for taking out single Zombies or Early bosses. It is found in many places. They can be found in the "Huntin Shack", in Garbage Cans, and all of the police zombies carry guns which they drop if attacked (Although it is not necessary to kill them. You only have to hit them, or bump into them). It appears to be either Colt 45. M1911 or an AMT Hardballer.
Hedge Clippers
The hedge clippers are found in the hardware stores in both Al'Fresca and North Plaza. The hedge clippers are a one-hit kill weapon but aren't very durable and can only really attack one enemy at a time. Although you can hold the attack button to get extra PP (30) for killing zombies, however this takes longer.
Hunting Knife
The Hunting Knife is used with highly effective swipes. The weapon is effective, but with short 'killing distance', leaving Frank prone to being surrounded. These are common items found easily in every area. They are most commonly found in the hands of yellow Trench Coat zombies (Formerly Cultists) or on the living members of same.
This weapon is found in the "Paradise" Plaza or in the Antiques shop. An unlimited supply of Katana, along with the Broadsword, can also found in Ripper's Blades in the North Plaza next to the supermarket. For the "Paradise" plaza, you find it by jumping off the ledge near the Orange Juice stand in the Food Court of the Plaza (Columbian Roastmasters). It is a very quick and effective weapon. It breaks quickly, with only 20 uses before it's destroyed. It is one of the best weapons to use against the Soldiers at the later part of the game. Can be enhanced with the Criminal book.
Lawn Mower
Grab this lawn utility out in the courtyard and go to town. Zombies are slow and stupid enough to just stand around while you mow them to a bloody pulp. As a bonus, you're adding some fertilizer to the grass to make sure it grows tall and green. Now you can save yourself and the environment.
Lead pipe
The lead pipe is fairly slow but deadly. It kills in one blow and is therefor very similar to the 2x4. When you throw the lead pipe at an enemy it may impale into them which yields a small amount of PP.
Toy "lightsaber"
This "weapon" works the same way as you'd expect it to. Not the best choice of weaponry, but it gives of a bright red glow. This is great at night because it gives you better range of sight and it only needs to be in your inventory to give light. So you can have light AND the chainsaw. Found in most kids stores.
The machete is a fairly durable and deadly weapon. It's a one-hit kill weapon similar to the katana. You obtain this weapon after killing Cliff in Cirslip's Home Saloon and respawns in the same area afterwards.
Toy Mega Buster
The Mega Buster is a toy that is found at Movie Land. It shoots out small yellow balls, has 30 shots, and is a weak weapon. It is a toy version of MegaMan's Mega Buster (Which is an unlockable weapon. See Below).
Real Mega Buster
The Real Mega Buster is the most powerful gun in the game. It is unlocked after doing the "Zombie Genocider" Achievement (Where you must kill Willamette's populace of 53,594 Zombies), beating the game, and saving. It is found in the same room as all the other unlockable clothing and items are, lying on the ground. It can easily take care of bosses and enemies. It has great range (1 shot can travel about as far as a full length of Leisure Park), 300 shots, and every time the player runs out of bullets it respawns in the same area. It can kill enemies in one hit and psychopaths in 5 to 10.

Motor Bike

This weapon is obtianed by beating Isabella boss battle in act 5, it is the only engine vehicle to be discovered in the mall zombies don't stand a chance against it. But it breaks alot more easier than a Van or Car of the game, but is more agile, although it's agility is limited by the tight areas. And zombies can't knock you off.
Molotov Cocktails
The crude, but useful homemade fire bombs are obtained after managing to save Paul after you defeat him (if you choose to save him by putting out his flaming pants) as a gift for doing so.
Nail Gun
The Nail Gun is found in construction areas around North Plaza as well as Crislip's Home Saloon. The Nail Gun holds 50 Nails and does little damage compared to the Handgun.
The parasol is used similar to a shopping cart (see below) for clearing crowds. The parasol however does not damage enemies.
Push Broom
The push broom works as two different weapons; the full broom is a rather slow weapon as Frank must charge up and slam the broom into a zombie forcing it to the ground, after about three attacks the broom head head breaks off making it now just the broom stick and a much better weapon:it is now a lot quicker and a lot more effective as you can now quickly impale zombies with for locations you can find in bathrooms, behind the counters in some stores and Movieland.
Potted Plants
The potted plants can be found all kinds of places around the mall so you won't have to really have to look for them. There are three sizes of them in the game: small:not much to say here you pick them up smash it on a zombies head or you can throw it whichever suits you. Medium:almost exactly the same as small only larger. Large:probably the weakest and most useless of them all, you can't just walk up and smash it the heads of a zombie instead you use the plant part to whack the zombie and do little damage.the only way it can kill is if it is thrown but it doesn't really kill even then so yeah not the best choice of weaponry in the game...
Shopping Cart & Weapon Cart
The shopping carts can be found just about anywhere in the mall, to use one simply press X while looking in the direction you wish to go. After killing Steven in Seon's Food and Stuff (North Plaza) you may use the Weapon Cart. The Weapon Cart works in the same way as the normal shopping cart except for the fact that it kills enemies when you hit them rather than just knock them out of the way.
When you first see the showerhead on the ground, you may pass it up for a lead pipe or a baseball bat. You'd be missing out on one of the greatest death animations in the game. Slam this baby onto a zombie's noggin and watch the blood spout out. You can also get a picture of it for some extra PP. Try the warehouse first.
The Shotgun is a powerful gun as most would know it. When it shoots it can take out several enemies because of it's range. But as it is powerful at close range, it is considerably weaker if shooting at enemies from afar. The Shotgun is one of the best guns to have around as it can take out many zombies easily making it useful in escaping or clearing a path. They can be found at the "Huntin' Shack" in the North Plaza (at limited supply though). It can also be found at the start of the game in the middle of a large group of zombies eating from one of the corpses near the center of the Entrance Plaza, just after the mall gets overrun and the mission is to to get up the stairs to safety. It appears to be a standard Civilian/Police Issue Shotgun, probably a Mossberg 590 or Remington 870.
As it turns out, the Grim Reaper's tool is great for use against the undead as well as the living. No self-respecting zombie killer would go without this long reaching weapon. Grab a zombie by the head and pull them in for the kill or just swing it around and take off some legs. Both of these moves will reap you 100 PP.
I know what your thinking "sweet time shred all over them zombies!" well sadly the skateboard is weak. You take it, you ride it, you hit a few zombies it breaks, though it is surprisingly useful in the second fight with Carlito. Try Paradise Plaza first.
Make a horizontal swing by holding the attack key or make a powerful skullcracking vertical smash. If used right the sledge hammer is extremely deadly but can take a while to master. Found in hardware stores, on top the warehouse shelves and (if you are lucky) in the kiosk in movieland. Try McHandy's Hardware shop.
Sniper Rifle
The Sniper Rifle is a useful weapon for taking out bosses. Like most Sniper Rifles the gun is good at long distances. Although the gun is preferred for bosses rather than Zombies. The reason being that zombies are quite easy to kill with any weapon, whereas the Sniper Rifle only shoots one bullet at a time. It is not useful for clearing crowds of zombies thus it is often best to save the snipers for the bosses that need many strong hits to take down. It appears to be a Remington Model 700 w/a Bushnel Optic. Max of 30 bullets.
Soccer Ball
This doesn't really seem like the best choice of weapons, but there is a bright side. Pick it up, kick it at some zombies, and watch them scatter! A well placed kick will send the ball towards numerous other zombies in the area. Great when you need to clear a path from afar. Can be found on the roof and in most sporting goods stores.
Yes you read right. Saliva (or spit) can be used by going into aiming mode when Frank is unarmed. He spits, the zombies get it in the face, they stop. But it doesn't do any damage WHATSOEVER. However, by making and drinking a "spitfire" smoothie, Frank's spit becomes deadly!
Stun Gun
Similar to Tasers. Frank can kill a zombie in a single zap, but the battery lasts for approximately 33 kills. Useful to give to survivors.
Submachine Gun
This weapon is rare to find, as it is placed in high and difficult to reach places. This weapon has a medium amount of power and kills easily. It has 100 bullets and is very fast. It appears to be a Mini-Uzi. Very useful against Adam the Clown if you don't have the Real Megabuster. (see above) Try the Al'Fresca Plaza fountain first, as it's easily reachable.
TV (Both HD and Plasma)
There is nothing special about the TV. It's a heavy, slow and deadly weapon.
Assault Rifle
Weapons used by the Special Forces that have been sent to clear out the mall. It contains 150 rounds and appears to be an LR300 or an FN SCAR. If you empty an entire magazine without missing a single shot, you'll get the "Perfect Gunner" achievement.
Heavy Machine Gun
This M2 Browning machine gun is mounted on the back of a Military Humvee, stolen by escaped Convicts. It is possible for Frank to pry the weapon from the vehicle's bulit-in tripod and use it himself, although it is so big it cannot be stored in the inventory and movement is restricted.