Death Tank

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Death Tank
Death Tank Zwei start screen
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Lobotomy Software
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Saturn version[edit | edit source]

Death Tank is a 2D multiplayer versus shooter, set on a hilly terrain. Although similar to Scorched Earth, Worms, or Gunbound the gameplay is real time instead of turn-based. It supports up to 7 differently-colored tanks with a range of weapons to battle it out. The terrain on which this occurs, an ever-decreasing yellow landscape, is completely obliterated by the players during gameplay or otherwise gradually whittles down to a flat plain.

The original Death Tank was a bonus game in the Sega Saturn version of PowerSlave (1996). Its sequel/update was Death Tank Zwei, hidden in the Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D (1997). Death Tank and Death Tank Zwei were developed by Ezra Dreisbach for Lobotomy Software.

Xbox Live Arcade version[edit | edit source]

Death Tank for XBLA.

Dreisbach, working with Snowblind Studios, developed a standalone version of the game for Xbox Live Arcade. It was released on Wednesday, February 18, 2009.

A version of Death Tank Zwei is included as an extra in this release, which can be unlocked by shooting down a supply plane in the main game. There are a number of minor differences between this new version and the original; it lacks the title screen (and Death Tank theme), options and player selection screens. The game has an upper limit of four players (instead of the original seven), and there are a number of changes to the names of the weapons.

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