Deer Avenger/Walkthrough

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Deer Avenger

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there is really nothing to help people about in this game but here is some info!


        M-16 Rifle


       Tree hugger
       Tree Man

Hunting Areas:Connecticut

             West Virginia

plot:The hero(deer)of the story, Bambo, is tired of getting hunted and decides to get revenge!

What you do:you put in your name by clicking new hunt and then you select your hunting area and weapon and before you find a place to hunt, you are taken to an overhead map of the area and you move around as a little deer head icon and try to find recent hunter activity (beer cans, nudie mags,yellow snow, etc.) and then you click hunt, if you find markings, you can click hunt and you will be taken to a 360 degree view of the area and you try to lure a hunter by calling them and then you try to shoot and kill them if tou find any and then you will be taken to the trophy screen to show you your progress

cheats:shift+fart button=make hunters appear shift+b+t=bullet time