Deer Avenger 2/Walkthrough

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Deer Avenger 2

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Plot:[edit | edit source]

Bambo's girlfriend gets run over by some dumb hunters, it is time to show them what vengeance is all about!

Weapons:[edit | edit source]

Instead of getting real weapons, you get tranquilizer guns.

  • Snuzi: Tranquilizer Revolver
  • REM-16: Tranquilizer Assault Rifle
  • Dream Weaver: Tranquilizer Shotgun

Levels:[edit | edit source]

Level 1:Swamp Ass Grill Level 2:Business District Level 3:Armpit Estates

Other stuff:Save screen and High-score table

Level 1:Swamp Ass Grill[edit | edit source]

Enemies:7 - customers,a bartender, and a cook, they all have pistols except for one of them, so they aren't much of a threat but you should still duck

Boog's weapon: Single-Barreled Shotgun
Boog is hard to beat because he shoots and then he ducks, the best thing to do would be to do a long fart to take out most of his health and then finish him off, once you take him out, it's time to go to...

Level 2:Business District[edit | edit source]

Enemies:5 - office drones, a janitor, a window washer, a clown, and a SWAT guy, most of them have pistols, but the SWAT guy has an assault rifle and the clown has a Single-barreled shotgun so you should definitely duck

BOSS:Winthorp Witherspoon
Winthorp's Weapon: Double-Barreled Shotgun
The best strategy to use on winthorp is the same one you used on boog, eventually, once you finish him off, it is time to go to...

Level 3:Armpit Estates[edit | edit source]

Enemies:7 - residents, a mailman, and a milkman, all of the residents have pistols but the mailman has a chaingun and the milkman has a Single-Barreled Shotgun.

Zeke's Weapon: M-16
Zeke is the hardest to beat because instead of shooting and ducking, he decides to shoot and run, this time when he runs and shoots, go in the same direction as him and shoot also and then at the last second when he stops, duck and pull a long fart, repeat this twice and you'll beat Deer Avenger 2!
'GRATS! Now to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ending!

Cheats:two captured men:type up up down down right left right left unlimited life:up down right left left right up up down left