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Def Jam: Icon

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Fighters[edit | edit source]

  • Δ indicates the character is unlocked in some way.
  • Ω indicates Build a Label exclusive characters. These characters are unplayable, and cannot be used to fight other fighters.
Real Name Build a Label Alias/Nickname Build a Label Role Fighting Style
Anthony Anderson Troy Dollar Rival producer of Curtis Carver Jah Breaka
Big Boi Signable Artist Beatboxer
Big Herc Δ Bootlegger Street Kwon Do
Boyd Δ Corrupt Cop
Bun B Troy's Artist Street Kwon Do
Dae Dae Troy's Right Hand
E-40 Charlie Hustle Signable Artist Black Panther
Fast Hal Crooked Promoter
Fat Joe Beatboxer
Ghostface Killah Signable Artist Street Kwon Do
Greer Wheatly's Partner
James Hong Dr. Chang Plastic surgeon Black Panther
Jim Jones Capo Status Signable Artist Ghetto Blaster
Johnny Nunez Paparazzi
Kano Troy's Artist Jah Breaka
Kevin Liles Curtis Carver Producer of the company you work for
Lil Jon Signable Artist Muay Fly
Ludacris Luda Signable Artist Beatboxer
Method Man The Gooch Player's Friend Ghetto Blaster
Mike Jones Signable Artist Beat Boxer
Paul Wall People's Champ Signable Artist Muay Fly
Platinum One of Troy Dollar's singers
Redman Doc Healy Signable Artist Black Panther
Russell Simmons Rush Pays for the Player's plastic surgery
Sean Paul Signable Artist Jah Breaka
Stan Stalker
Summer Walker Girlfriend
Sticky Fingaz Wink Curtis Carver's Vice President Beatboxer
Mayra Veronica Girlfriend
Nina Nicole Girlfriend
T.I. Signable Artist Street Kwon Do
Tego Troy's Artist Ghetto Blaster
The Game Signable Artist Muay Fly
Young Jeezy Snowman Signable Artist Black Panther
Wheatly Corrupt Cop