Descent 3

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Descent 3
Basic Information
Video Game
Outrage, Loki Software
First-person Shooter
Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux
Retail Features
Descent 3
Main Credits
Matt Toschlog
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
June 111999
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Levels[edit | edit source]

This list shows the correspondence between level numbers and level names.

The Descent 3 Load save game menu shows the names of the levels (or at least the names that the player gave when saving), but not the level number.

Descent 3 offers only ten slots for save games. Once all ten slots have been used, subsequent saves need to overwrite previous saves. Some players reuse save slots in a rolling fashion, so that the most recent save game may be in any one of the ten slots. This can make it difficult to find the save game where the player has progressed the furthest.

When a player returns to the game after a long time, he may need a list like this to determine the relative order of save games in the plot line.

 1           - PTMC Data Retention Center
 2           - Novak Corporate Prison
 3  SAFA     - Piccu Station & SRAD Research
 4  SEOUL    - PTMC Corporate Headquarters
 5           - Red Acropolis Research Station
 6  NOMAD    - Martian Nomad Caverns
 7  BUNKER   - PTMC Research Bunker
 8  REFINERY - PTMC Dol Ammad Fuel Refinery
>>           - SECRET LEVEL - Origin Zero
 9  FACTORY  - PTMC Spacecraft Factory
10           - CED Lunar Command Base
11           - PTMC Storage Facility
12           - PTMC Proving Grounds
>>           - SECRET LEVEL - H.V.W.R.
13           - CED Expediator Dreadnaught
14           - CED Orbital Network Transmitter
15           - Dravis' Stronghold