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Basic Information
Video Game
Beam Software
Melbourne House
Racing, Vehicular Combat
Microsoft Windows
Nintendo 64
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DethKarz is a futuristic 3D racing game by game publisher Melbourne House. It was released for Microsoft Windows in 1998. A Nintendo 64 port was planned but never released.

Cars[edit | edit source]

The game contains four different teams, each with individual characteristics. The cars shift from fast, agile, but combat weak cars through to heavier, slower cars with more shielding and more powerful weaponry. Each team has three tiers of their car. At first, only the first tier is available, but as the player progresses, he/she unlocks the other tiers. The second tier is unlocked after completing the short, medium, and long championships. Second tier cars are then used to complete championships based on each track, upon completion of these championships the third tier is unlocked.

Championship layout[edit | edit source]

The four environments of the game (Metro City, Grand Keys, The Pole, and Red Planet) each offer 3 iterations of their track; a short, medium and long version all based around the same starting grid. In most instances the tracks will utilise parts of the other versions, for example a straight on the medium track will continue past a corner from the short track, then rejoin the other end of the short track's corner further down the course of the track.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

The weaponry in the game can be enabled or disabled in the options menu, but is enabled by default. Every car is equipped with a built-in Pulse Laser or Plasma Cannon (selectable in pre-race setup). This weapon requires adequate energy in a cars energy bar to fire. The weapon can be charged up in order to release a devastating attack on another car. The Pulse Laser recharges faster allowing for more frequent shots. However, the Pulse Laser charges slower than the Plasma Cannon, but a fully charged Pulse Laser shot does more than a fully charged Plasma Cannon. Also as it fires from a twin cannon it can be easier to hit the enemy. The Plasma Cannon recharges slower, however it does more damage and charges faster.

As well as the built in energy weapon, several pickups are strewn about the tracks. The pickups are small cubes rotating on one corner with a coloured aura around them. The colour of the aura tells the player what the weapon is. They respawn five seconds after being picked up. The pickups can be separated into offensive weapons, defensive weapons, and tools.


Yellow: Torpedo Missile

This missile fires straight forward. You have to aim perfectly, but if a hit is landed it will deliver a strong payload.

Purple: Heatseeking Missile

This missile will aim at the next car but can miss if they are turning or jumping.

Dark Blue: Guided Missile

This light missile tracks down its prey by following the course of the track, but is the weakest of the missiles.

Strong Green: Cluster Bombs

Cluster Bombs scatter mines behind the players car, which explode if another car drives into one. They will fall off the track if not run into in time.

Orange: Antimatter Shield

The Antimatter Shield will drain opponent's shields when you get close enough. Your car will also receive less damage from enemy fire.


Faint Green: Stealth Mode

The players car cannot be hit by enemy fire. Energy and Rockets pass straight through. It can still collide with enemy cars and track obstacles (including mines!). Firing while this mode is active will de-activate it.

Dark Blue: Shield

The Shield will protect your car from any and all damage while it is active. It differs from the Stealth Mode in effect, as explosions and Cluster Bombs can still throw you off course, and you can fire without repercussion while the shield is active.


Red: Nitro

This special fuel will extensively increase the acceleration and top speed of the players car for 3 seconds. However at these speeds the cars are almost unable to steer.

Light Blue: Quick Fix

The Quick Fix will repair the player's car on the track, saving them the time needed for a full pitstop.


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