Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening/Walkthrough

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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

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Weapons[edit | edit source]

Devil May Cry 3 features a large arsenal, comprised of both guns and melee weapons.

Guns[edit | edit source]

  • Ebony & Ivory - Dante's two handmade semi-automatic .45 caliber handguns. Their rate of fire is dependent on how quickly the player can press the fire button. The guns seem to be based loosely on the Colt 1911 handgun.
  • Shotgun - A powerful 12-gauge double-barreled sawn-off shotgun with a large spread. Good at knocking enemies back but has a fairly slow rate of fire.
  • Artemis - A powerful laser weapon that can target several enemies at once.
  • Spiral - A very powerful sniper rifle with a slow rate of fire.
  • Kalina Ann - A huge rocket launcher with a large blade attached to a chain on front, which is used like a grappling hook and a bayonet in conjunction with the Hysteric attack.

Devil Arms[edit | edit source]

  • Rebellion - Dante's massive sword (a longsword, but stylized for effect). It was a memento from his father; its power remains dormant until awakened by Dante's blood. Dante begins the game with this weapon.
  • Cerberus - Ice elemental, three-pieced flail weapon, like a nunchaku. The essence of the ice guardian Cerberus, which Dante must defeat.
  • Agni & Rudra - Two living swords Dante wields simultaneously. They are two scimitars with serrated edges. They are based on Hindu mythology, where Agni is the god of fire and Rudra the god of the wind and storms. Dante earns these weapons after defeating the pair, who had each taken control of headless demons' bodies.
  • Nevan - A demonic electric guitar that summons bats engulfed in electricity when Dante plays it; it can also be swung as a scythe. It is the weapon formed from the succubus Nevan's acceptance of Dante's cause.
  • Beowulf - A powerful set of gauntlets and greaves blessed with the sacred power of light, giving the wearer improved attack power and speed. Obtained after you beat Vergil the second time (he obtained them by killing a weakened and blinded Beowulf).

Styles[edit | edit source]

The biggest change is the new combat system, which allows Dante to choose one of six different styles of combat in each mission, which enable him to use special techniques related to the style's focus. The four default styles, with moves, are:

Trickster[edit | edit source]

Focuses on dodging and agility. The techniques are best used both for evasion and for closing in on faraway enemies.

  • Dash - A quick dash in any direction. At higher Trickster levels, this can be done up to three times in a row.
  • Wall Hike - Run up or across a wall, then kick off.
  • Sky Star - A mid-air dash.
  • Air Trick - Disappear and reappear above an enemy's head, ready to strike.

Swordmaster[edit | edit source]

Focuses on techniques for the Devil Arms.

  • Rebellion Abilities
    • Prop Shredder - Spins the sword, repeatedly striking whatever's in front of Dante.
    • Aerial Rave - Slashes an enemy in mid-air up to four times, during a jump.
    • Sword Pierce - Throws the sword at an enemy; without the sword, Dante fights hand-to-hand.
    • Dance Macabre - Unleash a massive number of slashes at breakneck speeds.
    • Crazy Dance - Stick your sword into the ground during Dance Macabre and spin around it, kicking all enemies near you.
  • Cerberus Abilities
    • Flicker - Whirl the flail around, hitting enemies in the immediate vicinity. Can be used in mid-air.
    • Crystal - Thrust the flail into the ground to create huge ice pillars.
    • Million Carats - Thrust the flail into the ground to creat a huge ice glacier surrounding Dante.
    • Ice Age - Encases Dante in a thick shield of ice, protecting him from all attacks.
  • Agni & Rudra Abilities
    • Crossed Swords - Destroy enemies with an X-style sword slash.
    • Sky Dance - Swing both swords in mid air, then descend to the ground, spinning like a saw blade.
    • Crawler - Plunge your swords into the ground, unleashing a carpet of flame in the enemy's direction.
    • Twister - Spin your swords to create a vortex of fire and wind.
    • Tempest - Generate a flame vortex that burns everything in its path.
  • Nevan Abilities
    • Slash - Attack enemies with the bladed section of your guitar.
    • Air Slash - Attack enemies with your guitar's blade while in mid-air.
    • Feedback - Whirl your guitar around your body, hitting nearby enemies.
    • Crazy Roll - Generate electricity while slashing enemies with your guitar.
    • Distortion - Attack enemies with a barrage of bats and blasts of lightning.
  • Beowulf Abilities
    • Zodiac - Emit a charged ball of energy from your fingertips.
    • The Hammer - While in mid-air, smash your enemies to the ground.
    • Volcano - Slam the ground with your fist to create a small super-nova.
    • Real Impact - A highly focused, incredibly powerful uppercut that obliterates enemies.
    • Tornado - Knock the enemy into the air, then follow them, kicking hundreds of times at lightning speeds.

Gunslinger[edit | edit source]

Focuses on techniques for firearms.

  • Ebony & Ivory Abilities
    • Twosome Time - Fires pistols in two different directions.
    • Wild Stomp - Fires pistols at a downed enemy, then kicks it away.
    • Rain Storm - Jumps into the air, blasting pistols down in circular motion, knocking down all enemies.
    • Charge Shot - Charges weapon, then fires off a magically imbued burst.
    • Rapid Shot - Quickly clicks off a large number of shots in a short period of time.
  • Shotgun Abilities
    • Fireworks - Swings the shotgun around like nunchaku, firing in different directions.
    • Charge Shot - Charges weapon, then fires off a magically imbued burst.
    • Rapid Shot - Quickly click off a large number of shots in a short period of time.
    • Gun Stinger - Rams the shotgun into an enemy and fires a concentrated burst of buckshot.
    • Point Blank - Fires the shotgun while standing right next to the enemy, doing massive damage.
  • Artemis Abilities
    • Multi-lock - Locks on to a single enemy and fires several lasers at them.
    • Sphere - Fires a giant orb of laser energy.
    • Acid Rain - Shoots multiple laser beams into the air which come raining down on enemies.
  • Spiral Abilities
    • Trick Shot - Ricochets bullets off walls to hit multiple enemies.
    • Sniper - Targets an enemy's weak point and fires a high-damage shot.
    • Reflector - Fires a bullet that ricochets off nearby surfaces, then hits the enemy for massive damage.
  • Kalina Ann Abilities
    • Hysteric - Fires a barrage of mini-missiles at the enemy.
    • Grapple - Fires the bayonet at an enemy, impaling them, then pulls them towards you.
      • N.B.: By using Hysteric immediately after Grapple, the enemy drawn close will be stabbed by Kalina Ann's bayonet.

Royal Guard[edit | edit source]

Focuses on absorbing enemy strikes and projecting the energy back. Considered one of the strongest styles, but also challenging to master due to the strict timing required for Just Guard and Just Release.

  • Block & Charge - Block enemy attacks, building up anger and adrenaline.
  • Just Guard - By blocking at the precise instant just before an enemy's attack hits, Dante suffers no damage and gains more rage for release.
  • Release - Release pent-up anger charged from blocked enemy attacks, dealing great damage.
  • Just Release - By releasing at the precise instant just before an enemy's attack hits, Dante executes a counterattack that deals approximately three times more damage than a normal release.
  • Air Block - Block in mid-air.
  • Air Release - Release in mid-air.
  • Ultimate - Block enemy attacks and convert the energy into health for yourself.

Quicksilver and Doppelganger styles must be unlocked in order to play with them.

Quicksilver[edit | edit source]

Allows Dante to slow down time while attacking at normal speed.

  • Time Lag - Slows down time for enemies while you are still able to move at normal speed. This slowly consumes Devil Trigger energy, but the Devil Trigger ability can be used at the same time. Time Lag is well suited for dealing with tough bosses, repelling large groups of enemies, or racking up Style combos.
  • Quicksilver can be used after defeating Geryon, the boss of Mission 12.

Doppelganger[edit | edit source]

Allows Dante to utilize a shadow to double attacks.

  • After image - Spawns a second shadow version of Dante who will mimic your attacks as you perform them, and can be set to attack simultaneously, or with a delay of half a second or one second. Like Quicksilver, this drains Devil Trigger energy at a slow rate. When active, this also allows a second player to control the shadow version of Dante for as long as the effect lasts, if desired. Inserting a second controller and pressing Start will enable two-player mode.
  • Doppelganger can be used after receiving it from Doppelganger, the boss of Mission 17.

Note: An added 2-Player mode is accessible while fighting against Arkham in Mission 19. During the second half of the battle, after the cutscene, press start on a second controller for a second player to aid you as Vergil. This way is much easier than letting the CPU control him, as Vergil's style and attacks are contrasted to Dante's in a way that they are somewhat innefective when used simultaneously with Dante's by your movements. Players of DMC3: Special Edition who have played as Vergil should have an easier time controlling him here.

Unlockables[edit | edit source]

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition features different costumes for Dante and Vergil, unlocked by beating the game on various difficulties. The costumes have no official names, but were named by fans in accordance to their appearance and meaning.

Coatless Dante: Complete Easy or Normal mode

Coatless Vergil: Beat easy or normal with Vergil

Corrupt Vergil: Clear Hard

DMC1 Coatless Dante: Complete Hard Mode.

DMC1 Dante: Complete Normal mode

Legendary Dark Knight: Complete Hard Mode.

Super Corrupt Vergil: Clear VMD

Super Dante: Finish The Game On DMD Difficulty

Super Sparda: Beat DMD after you've completed Very Hard Mode.

Super Vergil: Complete Bloody Palace

Game modes[edit | edit source]

Bloody Palace Mode: Complete the game as Dante or use a memory card with a DMC3 save data

Easy Mode: Die three times in normal mode.

Hard Mode: completing Normal mode

Very Hard Difficulty: You must beat the Hard level

Heaven or Hell mode: Beat Dante Must Die mode.

Vergil Mode: Complete the game as Dante or use a memory card with a DMC3 save data