Devil World

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Devil World
Basic Information
Video Game
NES Cartridge
NES Controller
NES and Family Computer
Virtual Console
Retail Features
Play Information
Main Credits
Shigeru Miyamoto
European Union European Release Date(s)
Nintendo Entertainment System
July 151987
Wii Virtual Console
October 312008
Australia Australian Release Date(s)
Wii Virtual Console
October 312008
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Family Computer
October 51984
Wii Virtual Console
January 222008
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Devil World is a Family Computer game developed by Nintendo, and released in Japan on October 5, 1984, and later released in Europe on the NES. It was also released on the Wii's Virtual Console on January 22, 2008 for Japan and in Europe and Australia on October 31, 2008. The game had similar gameplay to that of Pac-Man. It is the only game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto that has not been released in North America, despite the fact that the game is simple and in English. This was due to Nintendo of America's strict policies on the use of religious icons in games, which were at their strictest level at the time of the game's original release.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players control Tamagon, a green dragon who decides to "attack the Devil's World", along with a red Player 2 version of him. He navigates through a series of mazes and touches Crosses to power up and summon the ability to breathe fire and eat the dots in the maze. Without a cross, he is completely helpless, and cannot complete the maze. The large winged demon simply called "the Devil" dances at the top of the screen, pointing the direction for his minions to move the maze. This can be dangerous, as Tamagon can be squished by getting caught between a maze wall and the moving outer boundary. After the first maze is cleared, the next objective is to get four Bibles, and put them into a seal. The Bibles give Tamagon the same powers as with the Crosses. After carrying them all into the seal, the Devil flies to the next maze. In between, a bonus maze shows up where Tamagon collects six Bonus Boxes under a time limit. The pattern then repeats.

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