Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas

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Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Fox Interactive]][[Category:Fox Interactive]]
Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, or Light gun
PlayStation and Microsoft Windows
ESRB: M (Mature) (WIN)(PS1)
USK: Not free for minors
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Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas is a video game sequel to Die Hard Trilogy, which was based on the Die Hard series of action movies. It was released on February 29, 2000 for PlayStation and Windows by Fox Interactive and n-Space.

Like its predecessor, the game features three distinct genres; a third-person shooter, a light gun game, and an action driving game. However, unlike Die Hard Trilogy, which featured three separate storylines based on the first three Die Hard films, Die Hard Trilogy 2 features a single original storyline that alternates between the three genres throughout the levels.

Plot[edit | edit source]

John McClane is living in an apartment in New York until he receives a phone call from Kenny Sinclair, his best friend in the New York Police Department to come to Las Vegas. Sinclair was appointed as the new warden of the Mesa Grande Prison and is throwing a party in his honor. McClane accepts the invitation. At the party, McClane gets into a brief conversation about a prisoner named Klaus Van Haug, and meets Reese Hoffman, the owner of the Roaring 20's Casino, and his secretary Elena Goshkin. Van Haug stages a prison riot. McClane must fight terrorists again.

McClane successfully takes out the terrorists in true Die Hard form, fights his way back to the party, and before any innocents are harmed, finish out the last of them. He finds out from one of the party members that some more terrorists have taken hostages in a bus elsewhere. McClane follows them in a vehicle to the desert, fights off other bad drivers and catches up to the bus which has flipped over. He fights off terrorists some more. Von Haug's fate is not explicitly revealed but it's possible that he was one of the numerous prisoners that McClane killed.

As the game progressed, it is later revealed that Kenny, Reese, and Elena are all in on the terrorist plot in their attempt to control Las Vegas. McClane dispatches them all, with Kenny being saved for last.

The game's storyline is considered non-canon since the release of the film Live Free or Die Hard that contradicts many plot elements.


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