Dirty Drivin'

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Dirty Drivin'
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In Dirty Drivin', players engage in vehicular combat, and gear-shaped power-ups are available throughout the track, which can be used to destroy enemy vehicles by pulling a skull-shaped crank, which do not return to the race after getting destroyed; exceptions to this are the player and their rival, a single AI opponent, as well as other players when playing in multiplayer. Players can also jerk the wheel to hit opponents, and whenever an opponent gets destroyed, a photo of the opponent appears at the bottom of the screen, as well as a taunt. Points that the player earns increases the amount of weapons available to the player on the "Jerk-O-Meter". Also scattered throughout the track are crates, which can increase the player's points, double dirty on the power-ups, or give the player a free race.

After every race, a slot machine-style game is played called "Yank the Crank", where the player is to pull the skull crank, in an attempt to earn items that can be used in the next race (but will be lost if the player leaves the game), as well as a free race, though players can also get a "You Lose", which not only leaves them empty handed, but also logs them out of the game.

The game has a password system, where players enter a PIN to save their progress.