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Discord Nitro

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Discord Nitro is Discord's premium subscription service, offered alongside its lower-tiered version, Nitro Classic. Both subscription services are available as monthly and yearly billing options.

Nitro Classic offers the following perks, which are also automatically included with Discord Nitro.

  • Custom Discord tag.
  • Able to use animated GIFs for both avatars and emojis.
  • Able to stream with higher quality video of 60 fps 720p or 30 fps 1080p.
  • Global custom emojis.
  • Increased file upload size from 8 MiB to 50 MiB.
  • Special Discord profile badge.

Discord Nitro also offers access to a curated games library, which can be accessed to the library of a Discord account to access and download as long as the subscription remains active, similar to how Twitch Prime works.

History[edit | edit source]

The Discord Nitro subscription originally began with the same offerings that Nitro Classic uses now. However, in August, Discord announced that it would be rolling out a new Discord Nitro curated video game library. On October 16, 2018, this library (as well as the changes to the subscription service) officially went into beta, with a client update being made available to take advantage. All Discord Nitro users were subscribed before October 10, 2018, automatically transferred to the Discord Nitro Classic subscription, and access to the video game library was granted to these users until Jan 1, 2020.

The Discord Store includes both pay-for video games, as well as games specifically offered for free as part of the Discord Nitro subscription. Discord also announced First on Discord, where certain games would be temporarily exclusive to Discord upon their initial release. The store caters to both family-friendly as well as mature content.

Launch titles[edit | edit source]

Additionally, five titles were granted the First on Discord tag: