Disney's Dinosaur

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Disney's Dinosaur
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Ubi Soft Entertainment]][[Category:Ubi Soft Entertainment]]
[[Disney Interactive]][[Category:Disney Interactive]]
Game Boy Color, Dreamcast, PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Windows
Main Credits
[[Sandbox Studios]]
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Disney's Dinosaur is a 2000 video game based released as a tie-in to the Disney film of the same name.

Story[edit | edit source]

The game loosely follows the story of the film, starting with Aladar, Zini, Eema, Plio, and Suri in the land of dinosaurs. The island you begin on(Lemur Island) is destroyed in a meteor shower, forcing Aladar and his friends to flee to the mainland, where they go on an amazing adventure to get to the Nesting Grounds. The goal is to collect all baby dinos in each level.

Playable characters[edit | edit source]

  • Aladar, an Iguanodon. The strongest of the three playable characters, Aladar can fight off predators of all sizes. His main attacks include head-butting and tail swings.
  • Zini, a Sifaka. The weakest member of the group, Zini can reach small spaces that Aladar and the other larger dinosaurs don't fit into, making him useful for solving puzzles. Zini can perform a short sprint. Zini can not jump over gaps or climb,but he is good for dodging enemies.
  • Plio, a Sifaka. Plio is the mother of Zini and Suri. She can jump over gaps like her daughter Suri, and is small enough to fit into small cave entrances.
  • Suri,a Sifaka. Suri is brother of Zini and daughter of Plio. She can jump like her mother,however,she cannot jump as far.
  • Eema,aStyracosaurus. Eema is an older character and cannot run as fast as Aladar, however, she has a stronger attack. Eema can flip enemies away using her horn.
  • Url,anEuoplocephalus.Url is a mute who has a club on the end of his tail used for his attack, a tail swing. He is good for beating raptors.

The characters are all controlled separately and each have a unique ability. All levels have a certain amount of difficulty.

Non-playable characters[edit | edit source]

  • Kron, a ruthless Iguanodon who leads the herd that Aladar, Zini and Flia encounter.
  • Neera, Kron's more caring sister.
  • Baylena, an old Brachiosaurus.
  • Yar, a Sifaka.

Creatures featured[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Giant lizards, the first enemy encountered by the player. They are slow and not very strong.
  • Champsosaurus, essentially a stronger version of the lizard. In reality it was an aquatic creature more closely resembling a crocodile.
  • Icaronycteris, a predatory bat. It is always encountered in swarms, although these are represented as a single entity with one HP bar which scatters when defeated. The real creature probably fed on insects.
  • Velociraptor, a small predatory dinosaur. It is fast and often attacks in groups.
  • Oviraptor, another small dinosaur. It poses a threat similar to Velociraptor.
  • Carnotaurus, the largest predatory dinosaur in the game and by far the most powerful. It is a tough enemy but it is beatable.

Other dangers include tornados, meteors, sandstorms, quicksand and lava streams.

Friendly NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Brachiosaurus (Baylene)
  • Euoplocephalus (Url)
  • Styracosaurus (Eema & others)
  • Iguanodon (Kron, Neera & others)