DoDonPachi II

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DoDonPachi II
Basic Information
Video Game
International Games System
International Games System, Saint-Fun International, Capcom
Scrolling Shooter, Shoot 'em up
8-way joystick, 3 buttons
Retail Features
Play Information
Arcade Specifications
PolyGame Master
Vertical orientation, 224 × 448, 2304 palette colors
ChinaJapanSouth Korea Asian Release Date(s)
Arcade machines
May 212001
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Do DonPachi II (怒首領蜂-蜂暴) is a manic shooter released in 2001.

Localization features[edit | edit source]

The game supports Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean languages. The interface language can be changed by altering region settings of the arcade board. In addition, the game's title, stage names, boss names are also altered depending on the region.

Game play[edit | edit source]


  • Blue fighter: 270 degree shots, big area laser, slow movement.
  • Green fighter: 180 degree shots, middle area laser, medium movement.
  • Red fighter: 90 degree shots, small area laser, fast movement.


  • Practice: Play with low difficulty. The game ends after stage 4.
  • Combat: Play with normal difficulty.
  • Internet ranking: Play with high difficulty. Password is offered after ending game, which can be used to register high scores into the IGS site.

Game mode:

  • Bomb mode: Bomb is recharged by collecting bomb item by destroying specific enemy. Player can stock up to 5 bombs.
  • Energy mode: Player can recharge energy gauge by touching enemy bullet. Player can fire laser when the gauge is full. Player can stock up to 1 gauge worth of laser.


  • Zero Fire: During laser attack, energy field will appear around player. When using the field to attack enemy, player can obtain points equal to 10000 points times each enemy contact.
  • Combo: Destroying enemy with scatter, or hitting enemy with laser, increases combo gauge. If the activity is repeated before the gauge is empty, combo count increases. If the above activity is not sustained, combo count decreases when the gauge becomes empty. Combo score is 10 points for each combo.

Stages[edit | edit source]

Stage Stage Name (Chinese, Japanese, English) Boss (Chinese, English)
1 驚蟄, 覺醒, Wake 首領蜂 夢魘, Boss Bee Nightmare
2 出撃, 出撃, Assault 巡弋工蜂 戰慄, Petrol Bee Deep Fear
3 翱翔, 飛翔, Ascent 六角蜂巢 天羅, Hex Comb Dragnet
4 侵襲, 侵襲, Invade 獵殺狂蜂 地網, Crazy Bee Snare
5 禁錮, 禁錮, Imprison 裝甲雄蜂 驚愕, Armed Bee Panic
6 終結, 終結, Apocalypse 母體蜂后 深藍, Matrix Bee Deep-Blue
7 真相, 真相, Truth 未知秘蜂 陰霾, Secret Bee UNKNOWN

To enter Stage 7, player must reach at least a specific target scorce at the end of stage 6. The target score is accessible by arcade game operator, which can be changed to 200, 300, 400 (default), 500, or 800 million points.

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

A soundtrack for first 2 DoDonPachi games was released by Scitron Digital Content.

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