Dominant Species

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Dominant Species
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Red Storm Entertainment]][[Category:Red Storm Entertainment]]
[[Red Storm Entertainment]][[Category:Red Storm Entertainment]]
Real-time strategy
ESRB: Teen (13+)
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Dominant Species is a real-time strategy video game developed and released by Red Storm Entertainment.[1] It was published 15 October 1998 for Windows.[2] It was one of the first RTS games to make the transition to 3D graphics.[1]

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Players in Dominant Species control a Mindlord on the planet Mur, in constant battle over the precious resource Anima. In the single player campaign, this battle is first against free roaming creatures, presenting a tutorial for the game. The campaign usually follows the player's hive rescuing and destroying the invading army of humans.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Dominant Species is a traditional real-time strategy game,[3] with resource gathering (anima), production of battlefield units (with a bio-engineered theme), a single-player campaign and multiplayer mode. There is an emphasis on efficient unit tactics rather than base construction.[3]

Critical reaction[edit | edit source]

Strategy Gaming Online awarded the game 8.2 out of 10, finding it innovative and fun but with disappointing sound effects.[4] CD Mag drew comparisons with the Myth graphics engine, highlighting the aestheticly pleasing and strategic terrain, fluid movement of the units models and the game's humour and atmosphere. However, the artificial intelligence was criticized for the occasional quirk in pathfinding.[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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