Domino Master

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Domino Master
Basic Information
Video Game
TikGames, RealNetworks, Microsoft Game Studios
Casual game
Digital Download
Xbox 360 Wired Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360
Xbox Live Arcade
Retail Features
Domino Master
Retail Minimum Specifications
Operating System(s)
Windows 98
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Xbox 360
September 172008
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Domino Master is a casual game based on dominos for Windows and Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360 developed by TikGames and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Domino Master was originally released for Windows 98 in 2004 by TikGames[1] and has been released on September 17, 2008 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD) on Arcade.

The game is now available from TikGames for Windows as Domino Master Gold.

Game Play[edit | edit source]

XBLA screenshot.
  • Variable difficulty levels: The single player mode features three levels of difficulty for the A.I. players, including Beginner, Master, and Guru, to provide exciting game play for all ages.
  • Five game modes: Play Straight, All 3's, All 5's, Bergen, or Mexican Train.
  • Leaderboard support: See your name in lights as you check the leaderboards for each game type.
  • Multiplayer modes: Play Player Match or Ranked Matches. The ultimate party game comes to life when up to four players compete to see who can become the Domino Master.
  • Custom rules: Modify the rules to create your own personal dominos game.
  • Multiple domino sets: Choose from double sixes, double nines, or double twelve domino sets.

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