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Donkey Kong Country

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Boss Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Very Gnawty[edit | edit source]

Very Gnawty is the first boss in the game and is located in Kongo Jungle. He appears to be an oversized Gnawty. When battled, Very Gnawty jumps a little farther than usual, but if Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are not too close, he shouldn't be hard. They must jump on his head four more times to defeat him.

Master Necky[edit | edit source]

Master Necky is the second boss in the game and is located in Monkey Mines. He appears to be a giant pink Necky. When battled, he shoots out huge pellets. After Master Necky spits out a pellet, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must jump on the rubber tire and bounce off it onto Necky's head. They must avoid the pellets and repeat this procedure four more times to defeat Master Necky.

Queen B.[edit | edit source]

Queen B. is the third boss in the game and is located in Vine Valley. She appears to be a giant Zinger who is queen of the Zingers. Donkey and Diddy must start the battle by grabbing a barrel and throw the barrel in Queen B.'s face. She'll get mad, turn red and start flying diagonally up and down across the screen. The Kongs must walk under her before she swoops down. When she turns yellow again, the monkeys must grab the barrel and repeat the procedure. Every time she is hit, she gets madder and madder, flying furiously quicker at each turn. The Kongs must hit her a total of five times to defeat her.

Really Gnawty[edit | edit source]

Really Gnawty is the fourth boss in the game and is located in Gorilla Glacier. He appears to be similar to Very Gnawty, but with a different color. First, the Kongs must jump on Gnawty's head and he'll jump high in the air. The monkeys must the walk under him when he jumps. The Kongs must jump on Really Gnawty's head again and he'll jump in the air twice, third time being three times, and fourth time being four times. The Kongs must do it once more to defeat him.

Dumb Drum[edit | edit source]

Dumb Drum is the fifth boss in the game and is located in Kremkroc Industries, Inc. He appears to be a giant Oil Drum. He first attacks when he slams himself at the ground to try to crush the Kongs. The Kongs must simply walk out his way and wait. Dumb Drum will dump out two Kritters. The Kongs must defeat them both and avoid Dumb Drum again. Who then pours out two Slippas. He then dumps out two blue Klaptraps. The Kongs must jump on them and Dumb Drum slams himself down four times. He once again pours out two Klumps. The Kongs must defeat them and Dumb Drum will slam himself down five times. In his last attack, Dumb Drum dumps out two Armies on whom the Kongs must defeat. Dumb Drum somehow becomes defeated on when he slams himself on the ground and blows himself to pieces.

Master Necky Snr.[edit | edit source]

Master Necky Snr. is the sixth boss in the game and is located in Chimp Caverns. He appears to be a giant purple Necky. Like Master Necky, he also shoots out huge pellets. He is presumingly the father of the deceased Master Necky. Like Master Necky, avoid the first pellet and jump on the tire and then his head. He then spits out two pellets. The player must then jump on the tire again and bounce off his head. Repeat this procedure three times to defeat Master Necky Snr.

King K. Rool[edit | edit source]

King K. Rool is the seventh and the final boss in the game and is located in Gangplank Galleon. He appears to be a giant Kremling. K. Rool starts off by throwing his crown at Donkey and Diddy. The Kongs must jump over it then jump on his head to attack. He runs very fast toward them so the Kongs must jump over him again before getting hit. He then throws his crown again and the Kongs must do this two more times to make King K. Rool will jump to the other side of the ship, causing several cannonballs to fall down in a row. The Kongs must roll through the barrage and wait for K. Rool to throw his crown again. The Kongs must jump on his head like last time. The Kongs must do this procedure two more times and King K. Rool collapses temporarily and the fake credits roll. Then, King K. Rool gets up and starts jumping across the ship until he gets to the end and throws his crown. The Kongs must jump on his head two more times and avoid his attack two more times and King K. Rool becomes defeated and the real credits roll.