Donkey Kong Jr. (character)

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Donkey Kong Jr.


Game Series Donkey Kong series
First Appearance Donkey Kong Jr. (game) 1982
Alias: DKJr.
Trademark: White leotard/Red J
This article is about the character Donkey Kong Jr. For the game, see Donkey Kong Jr. (game)

Donkey Kong Jr., the son of the original Donkey Kong, starred in his first game aptly titled Donkey Kong Jr.. Wearing a white leotard with a red J printed in the middle, Donkey Kong Jr. sets out to break dear old dad out of a cage protected by none other than Mario.

After saving his father from the evil clutches of Mario, Donkey Kong Jr. set out to teach kids math in his own edutainment game, Donkey Kong Jr. Math.

Donkey Kong Jr. has since made appearances in various Mario sports games. In Super Mario Kart DKJr. was one of the two heavyweight kart racers (the other being King Bowser Koopa). Owing to his simian nature, Junior's special item in SMK turns out to be the slippery Banana Peels. And let me tell you, he uses these peels with wild abandon. After Super Mario Kart, he got the boot from the Mario Kart series. He then hitched a ride aboard the Mario sports express straight to Mario's Tennis on the ill-fated Virtual Boy and Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64.