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DoubleBear Productions
Basic Information
Basic Information
Company Type
Seattle, Washington (2009)
Key People
Brian Mitsoda, Creative Director
Annie Carlson, game designer

DoubleBear Productions is an indie game studio founded in June 2009[1][2] by writer and game designer Brian Mitsoda. The studio intends to specialize in PC role playing games. Its first and current project is Dead State, a turn-based PC RPG set in a zombie apocalypse scenario.[3][4][5] The studio is working with Iron Tower Studios on the project, and the game will be utilizing The Age of Decadence's game engine.[6] Information regarding the theme and setting was divulged in a Rock, Paper, Shotgun article, including a quote from Mitsoda that reveals that one of the goals of the game is a "serious examination of a national crisis or natural disaster,"[7] and that the game draws inspiration from Mitsoda's own experiences living in Miami, Florida during Hurricane Andrew.[8]

Regarding the studio's peculiar name, Mitsoda said:

Annie and I were looking at a list of silly D&D monsters when I suggested the “DoubleBear” as the ultimate monster, pointing out that since it was two bears acting as one, there was no way to sneak up on it or attack it from the back. A picture was drawn and photos were taken. When it was time to name the company, it won the second it was suggested.[9]

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