Dr. Franken

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Dr. Franken
Dr. Franken cover art
Basic Information
Video Game
Elite Systems
Kemco, DTMC
Game Pak
Super Nintendo Controller
Game Boy and SNES
Retail Features
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
December 11993
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Dr. Franken (known in the United States as The Adventures of Dr. Franken) was a video game released for Game Boy and Super NES by Elite Systems.

The game features Franky, a Frankenstein Monster on a mission to collect the scattered body parts of his girlfriend.

A prototype NES version was developed around the same time, but never officially released.

Game Boy Edition[edit | edit source]

The Game Boy release of the game uses a password-based saving system to save the player's progress, as the cartridges at the time were not able to save data after the system was shut off. The game's background music is the Moonlight Sonata, and the game consisted of seven floors where various items and parts of Bitsy (Franky's girlfriend) were hidden. Keys and special items were needed to access additional areas to find more body parts and equipment required to resurrect Bitsy.

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