Dracula's Secret

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Dracula's Secret
Basic Information
Video Game
Corel Corporation, KLA Visual Productions
Future Endeavors
Macintosh and Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
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Dracula's Secret is a children's puzzle game released in 1996. It was published by Corel Corporation and Future Endeavors, and developerd by KLA Visual Productions. This game set in Transylvania. You must journey to Dracula's castle and discover his secret, by solving puzzles to both reach the castle, and to track down Dracula.

The game itself is a combination of point-and-click adventures and general puzzles. The puzzles are on the easy side, being designed for children rather than posing any significant difficulty.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is divided into several areas:

The Graveyard
A key is hidden here, and must be collected to get past the Gatekeeper.
The Crossroads
A path that allows you to choose several directions
Hangman's Hill
A puzzle to match similar looking items to free the skeleton.
Openogo Swamp
Use some food to feed the beast to get past.
Forest of No Return
Contains items to collect.
The Headless Horseman
Find a pumpkin head hidden here and give it to him.
No Man's Land
You need to construct the bridge to get across using bones you collected.
Castle Entrance
Main Hall Entrance
Main Hall Interior
First Floor Hallway
The Armory
A 3x3 sliding block puzzle
The Kitchen
A puzzle to get egg timers to empty at the same time - which is more of a clicking puzzle rather than a logic puzzle.
The library
The Portrait Gallery
A minigame where you construct images by mixing up features of the portrait.
The Second Floor Hallway
The Trophy Room
The Egyptian Room
A match-the-image puzzle.
The Bedroom
A slot-machine which takes coins you collected on the quest.
Jekyll and Hyde
The Attic
The Battlements
A simple draw-the-straws game.
The Jewel Tower
Similar to 3-card monty.
The Dungeon
Reached if you somehow fell into a trap (e.g. used the stairs to get to the second floor from the main hall)
The Moat
Find enough food for the monster to let him pass. Also, you can dive down to collect treasures.
The Phantom
A simon-says game.
The Coffin Room
Once you have all pieces of the crest, you need to construct them on the coffin to locate Dracula. There is more than one such room, and Dracula may be in any one of them.

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